Before the aforementioned plane landed, Erdogan's regime had sent a cargo plane to Israel, claiming it was intended for the Palestinians in the context of fighting the Corona pandemic, but the Times of Israel website & Yedioth Ahronoth revealed last month that the deal was "purely commercial" and had nothing to do with helping the Palestinians.

The global Corona pandemic outbreak has exposed the falsehood of the pseudo-hostility between the Turkish regime and the entity of the Israeli occupation, clearly revealing the Turkish regime’s lies and comic plays that claim to defend the Palestinian Cause with deceptive rhetoric and slogans. Indeed the Turkish regime has used Palestine manipulatively to implement the outdated Ottoman plans in the region; at a time,news reports indicate that Turkish-Israeli relations prosper without interruption - despite Turkey’s fake disaccord with the occupation entity during the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in 2008.

Turkey's relations with the Israeli entity occupation, which started in 1949, have increased dozen folds when the government of Justice and Development Party, presided overvby Erdogan, assumed power in Turkey in 2002. The Party worked to strengthen the previous agreements with the Israeli entity caring less for the contradiction in the delivered speeches which explicitly show enthusiasm for the Palestinian Cause covertly enhancing commercial and military relations with the Zionist entity.

It is noteworthy to say that despite all the money the Turkish regime spends on the propaganda promoting a fake idea that turkey supports Palestinians and the Palestinian Cause more than any other country does, the reports issued by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) uncover the very side that traffics in the Palestinians and their Cause; bluntly, the name of Turkey is not among those of donor countries to Palestinians!

Many media outlets, including Turkish “Ahwal” website, have published economic reports and figures Erdogan tries to cover up in his media bubble appearances. The reports state that the volume of trade is increasing between Erdogan’s regime and the occupation entity. The trade exchange between them has increased in more than a decade. For instance, in 2002, the trade exchange volume valued $ 1.39 billion but in 2014, it rose to $ 5.83 billion. In 2016, it valued more than $ 4.2 billion, and then increased by 14% in 2017. It is worth noting that the occupation entity is one of five major markets in which the Turkish regime markets its goods.

Erdogan's cooperation with the Israeli occupation was not limited to the previous agreements; Erdogan has shifted the relationship with "Israel" to the "strategic" stage. Remarkably, his play of withdrawing from Davos Forum Summit in 2009 did not, in actuality, change the military agreements between the two sides, noting that "Israel" is now the first arms supplier to Turkey!

“I think I am the only Israeli who hasn’t traveled to Turkey yet, and although Erdogan calls me Hitler every 3 hours, the trade exchange between us is thriving,” said Netanyahu last February in a meeting with Likud leaders. This phrase is very telling as it reveals Erdogan- who kept saying that Ankara cut ties with the Israeli entity. It is a snowball, which has rolled over to expose Erdogan’s pathetic plays that are packed with fake animosity with the occupying Zionist entity.

Rayan Faouri