Triumph Secret

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad has recently given a transparent, as usual, detailed interview to Russia 24 TV. One of the main interesting topics raised by the journalist was about the secret which enabled the Syrian people to survive and avoid despair.

Simply President Assad cited many reasons for the Syrians' triumph against multinational terrorists and their backers. An important factor for this glorious triumph, not mentioned by President Assad , is his own leadership.

First and foremost, President Assad has been bravely defending his country and people fiercely and masterfully. A captain doesn’t think of life and death, he thinks of saving his ship. If the ship sinks, everybody will die, so we would rather save the country, President Assad declared in his interview with the French 'Paris Match Magazine, December 4, 2014.


"But I want to stress an important point here. Remaining president had never been my objective, before, during, or after the crisis. But we as Syrians will never accept that Syria become a western puppet state. This is one of our most important objectives and principles," added the savior courageous  President.

President Bashar has indeed kept, as ever where words are deeds, his 2000 inauguration pledges  that the  trust in  and love to Syrians  are infinite …the man you have known and loved some of his merits and exchanged trust and love with him will not change at all once he assumes his post. He came out of the people and lived with them and shall remain one of them.

You may expect to see him everywhere whether in the work place or on the streets or in your picnics in order to learn from you and sharpen his determination by his contact with you and shall work for you as he has always done. He is indeed the brave captain who is never to run away and leave his ship to sink, but to steadfastly and miraculously defends not only Syrians but every human worldwide.

President Assad cited several factors which should be considered for this very triumph achieved by the sacred blood of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies from anti-terrorism axis, including Russia, Iran ,Hezbollah, particularly national awareness and public opinion.  Without the widespread awareness of the Syrian people that what is happening is the result of a Western conspiracy against their country, Syria might have perished or been destroyed very quickly. This popular realization produced a national unity despite different political leanings or different cultural and social affiliations – ethnic, religious or sectarian groups.  This awareness created unity with the state in confronting terrorism; this is a very important factor.

The second factor, according to President Assad, is the Syrian people’s legendary capacity for sacrifice, which we have witnessed primarily through the Syrian Arab Army.  Under normal circumstances, one would believe that these sacrifices can only be found in movies or novels, while in fact they were apparent in every battle and this is what protected the country.

In addition to the sacrifices of the army, the people themselves sacrificed.  They have been living in extremely difficult circumstances: continuous shelling, sanctions and bad economic conditions.  Nevertheless, the people remained steadfast with their country.

The third factor is the public sector, which has played an important role in keeping the state together.  In the worst of circumstances, salaries continued to be paid, schools kept running and daily essential services were provided to citizens.  Bottom line services continued to be provided so that life continues.

In addition to these factors, there is the fact that our friends have supported us, particularly Russia and Iran.  They have supported us politically, militarily, and economically.  All these factors together have helped Syria remain steadfast up until now.

Yes Mr. President , as our beloved President, you are protecting the country as to preserve the sovereignty of Syria and to fight terrorists until the end.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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