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Pampered Kids!

British MP George Galloway , who is well known as supporter to Arab just causes, has strongly warned of what he called"  Turkey's Erdogan " .

Galloway described Erdogan's  recent "gifts"  to the Kurds like "Trojan Horse" of the famous Greek Mythology, which is seemingly so useful and beneficial, but its interior is  absolute damage and great trick.

The late Turkish leader Necmettin Erbakan had described the leaders of  Justice and Development Party as " pampered kids"  to Imperialism and international Zionism.

In this sense, the JDP's anti-Israel stance is but a big lie to exploit Arabs and Muslims' feelings, the thing which serves the US interests in the region.

Frequently, Erdogan classified himself as the second president of the Great Middle East project, worth mentioning that the first president of this project is Shimon Peres.

Undoubtedly, US has promised the JDP with political support of western allies, besides economic and financial support from Gulf States.

Turkey's Erdogan and his party aimed at establishing federal system joining the Kurdish part of the north of  Iraq and Syria, hence Turkey will become the hero in the Muslims world that has a great power in the region at all. This  encourages Erdogan and Davutoglu participating illegally and immorally in the conspiracy against Syria.

Due to the Syrians steadfastness and  the honorable achievements of the Armed Forces in the face of terrorism and terrorist groups, the US and its allies' dream about the new Middle East project has failed.


By Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Edited & translated: M. Wassouf