Terrorists in Uniforms!

Mr. Erdogan has been adamant on destroying the Syrians life to the last grain of their daily living. Erdogan and his extremists and terrorists have blundered every part, resources and infrastructure where their foot treads!

Every kind of support has been provided by Erdogan and his ruling party to multinational terrorists from around the globe, including logistics, training, means of killing, poisonous and sick teachings. Under the pretext of observations posts to disarm and monitor terrorists, Erdogan and his mushrooming posts, as the Syrian Army and its allies liberate the more of the Syrian sacred soil, are now involved directly in attacking the owners of the occupied territories.


Erdogan is moved not only by his personal greed and expansionist Ottoman mentality, but by other big powers using him as a puppet! It seems that the USA , and many others inside or outside NATO membership, are  using  him as a chipping card as to prolong war against Syrians and as to blunder and slaughter the more of Syrians and their allies and brothers.

According to well documented sources, the terrorists of Mr. Erdogan are wearing Turkish army uniforms and have been armed to teeth with sophisticated and up to date NATO weapons!

If Erdogan wants it an open war against Syria and its allies and brothers, the Syrians and allies, after long years of fighting against terrorists, are but to defend their territories and the lost sacred souls of their martyrs and wounded.

Erdogan's better alternative, if to save lives, is to withdraw his occupation troops and cease support to his terrorists. If not, Erdogan should prepare tombs for some remains of his terrorists and occupation troops.

Turkey has instead escalated its drone and shelling attacks against Syrians and their allies and  mobilised hundred of its soldiers and terrorists including those from the so called  Syrian National Army (SNA),a mercenary alliance of al-Qaida factions including Ahrar al-Sham along with Isis and al-Nusra fighters, Hamza Brigade, the Sultan Murad Brigade, the Sultan Suleyman Brigade and the Muntasir Billah Brigade.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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