US Inconsistency

Undoubtedly, no one can ignore the US dual-stance towards the crisis in Syria. According to the wrong conception of US administration, arming terrorists in Syria is considered as an excuse for the Geneva agreement application.

The US and its allies in the region are not convinced yet that the real and active solution in Syria is but through the national dialogue among all Syrian spectra.

Actually, the US has strongly contributed in supporting efforts in a bid to destroy Syria, the cradle of civilization and the gate of Arabism, by sending takfiris and extremists mercenaries of al-Qaeda that are financially supported by the Gulf states (Saudi Arabia and Qatar).

It is obvious that extremism has become more closely associated with the policies of the Syrian oppositions abroad especially armed ones which are related directly to al-Qaeda.

No one can deny that the absolute winner of the US scenarios is Israel, the important ally of the west countries. But losers are those countries who do believe that they have special ties with US, for they are nothing but mere tools which the US will dispose of after ending their roles.

 However, US and Israel have strongly contributed to shape the so-called new Middle East, and Syria constitutes the main obstacle to their project.

The US always adopts contradictions' policy towards Syria's tow-year crisis, this simply means that it succeeds in investing terrorism in accordance with its own goals and interests.

Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Edited& translated: M. Wassouf