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The Syrian People : The Decision-Makers

 Syrian people is  a word which was strongly repeated by H.E. President Bashar al-Assad in a recent interview with the Syrian TV news.

H.E.  appears relaxed and confident of victory, saying that Syria's continued resilience stems from the steadfastness of the Syrian people, pointing out to the important role the Syrians play to keep Syria victorious.

His Excellency used intensively the "Syrian people"  word, since the later is the compass and the permanent concern to him since he was elected as the president of the Syrian State.

But today the "Syrian people " word in this historic moment is important for  what it has of political implications such as; the strict coherence of what the Syrian people want for the future of  homeland, this is from one side and from the other side, the word "Syrian people" includes an explicit and tough response to those who want  the Syrian people to represent their  will and not to derive their strength from the anti-Syrian forces to achieve their goals at the expense of the faithful Syrian people, freedom, dignity and national sovereignty.

The President reinforced tranquility in the hearts of the sons of the nation and H.E. also underscored that the growing conviction is that the most dangerous days on Syria passed, thanks to the sacrifices of the people and the Syrian Arab army who do not hesitate for a moment to defend Syria.

H.E.  outlined  red lines to anyone who wants a bright future for Syria, pointing out to the Syrian people' steadfastness by deciding the future of Syria and choosing the form of government in the new Syria and no one has the right except the Syrian people.

Syria lingers from north to south and from east to west, Syria is in the last chapter of the great victory against who imposes the aggressive choices upon it whether from home or abroad.

The President's interview came at a critical  time to be characterized by strong, open and transparent positions on both internal and external levels.