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The West and the Challenge of Principles

The Syrian crisis constituted an unprecedented challenge for international forces at the  humanitarian and moral levels, in addressing  questions pertinent  to ethics and principles and what was allegedly   and falsely  called the war on terrorism, which is a lie  that deceptively hides a political Machiavellism  par excellence, where  interests exceed principles.

If it comes  true that countries are not charities, it does not mean  that we are in a world  whose only hidden power is money and the law of the jungle where the strong eats the  weak. This would mean  the absence of the human dimension from the surface of the globe, a slow  suicide for mankind and the end of human history, as debated by the American thinker Francis Fukuyama.

A group of French writers , classified in the category of cultural reactionaries , with Pascal Bronso on top of them warned  a decade ago from a cultural Pentagon that  started to move politically and militarily, more than ever before , viewing  people outside the transatlantic as growths worms that  must be eradicated and disposed  because they are unnecessary or unneeded objects and that the barbarism of those people  - as he claimed – makes  the West feels its civilization and their illness makes the West feels in good health .

 Perhaps danger lies in that  what those (Reactionaries) had warned  against becomes a reality and a policy expressed in strategies and attitudes embodied in arenas of confrontation and conflict.

So it is  inevitable for men of culture and media  in our third or fourth world , in  our research  and study centers , mosques  and churches to carry out a public relations campaign and  real and effective contacts with their counterparts in Western countries and only invest in the spiritual and cultural humanitarian legacy formed in the collective  European conscience .

Civilization  disparity between the East and the West must not turn into a moral and humane distancing tool because the resulting  reflexive reaction  will inevitably take a violent shape,  fugitive from all disciplines, especially because we live in a world of no geographical boundaries under  the globalization of the media , the open  and virtual space and the ability to use  all forms of malware  technology with an extraordinary ability to evade criminal liability arising there from.


Dr. Khalaf al-Muftah

Edited & Translated T. Fateh