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US military bases, established under groundless pretexts to blackmail nations

The US has more than 160 military bases spread all over the world constituting another form of occupation. Through these bases, Washington has managed to interfere directly or indirectly in the states where these bases spread. Moreover, the US has gained huge amounts of money in return for its military presence, especially under President Trump who has demanded from many states, especially Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia to pay more.

Using the military bases as a pretext to help in preserving security, Trump has asked Japan to pay four times the sum it used to pay in the past. Massive demonstrations were staged several times in Japanese cities demanding an end to US military presence in the city of Okinawa.

Trump has also demanded that South Korea increases the sum it usually pays in return for deploying US soldiers in South Korea. He also asked the Saudi regime to double the sum it pays in return to what he called protection offered by the US to Saudi Arabia.

Successive US administrations have been fabricating groundless security threats to justify its illegitimate existence. For instance, In the Korean Peninsula, Washington has pursued aggressive policies towards Democratic Korea accompanied by intensive misleading media campaigns portraying   Pyong Yang as a source of threats to the neighboring Asian states including Japan and South Korea to justify the US military presence there.

In parallel to this campaign, Western mass media depicted Russia as a source of threat giving Washington a pretext to expand NATO in East Europe adjacent to Russian borders.

Throughout these baseless pretexts, the US managed to establish 95 per cent of its military bases and spread forces in more than 160 states.

As for Saudi Arabia, the situation is completely different as this dictatorial regime is considered the main sponsor of terrorism in the world. The Saudi regime offers huge amounts of money to the US through arms deals in return that Washington turns a deaf ear and a blind eye towards the atrocious crimes perpetrated by this regime against his people and peoples of other states.

The Saudi regime has changed Saudi Arabia into a base used by Washington and Israel to carry out attacks and aggressive plans against innocent people in Syria, Iraq and other states.