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The renewed spirit of the Correction Movement

 Despite the elapse of 49 years after the launching of the Correction Movement, led by the late great leader Hafez al-Assad, its renewed spirit is still alive in the hearts and minds of  successive Syrian generations due its great and all-out achievements in all domains of life. These great and comprehensive accomplishments are considered an important incentive that motivates the Syrian people to start a process of rebuilding and construction to rebuild the infrastructure which was destroyed by the terrorist war launched against Syria.

  The glorious Correction Movement as constituted a luminous landmark and an important turning point in the history of Syria and the Arab nation as a whole. It laid the bases of comprehensive progress in all walks of life, which enabled Syria to achieve advancement on the political, economic, social and cultural levels. It is too difficult to enumerate the achievements of the CM in an article. The great Correction Movement created the appropriate atmosphere to lay the foundation for establishing the state and building the human being making Syria realize comprehensive socio-economic development represented by great accomplishments in all domains.

Syrian people nationwide remember these days with great pride the 49th glorious  anniversary of the Correction Movement. They are marking the anniversary with strong determination to press ahead with the battle against takfiri terrorism, which aims to destroy the great achievements realized by the Correction Movement. Syria marks this anniversary while being more stronger, more determined and more committed to the national principles and interests of its people. ‏

 Before November 16, 1970, Syria was a weak state that has no position on the geo-political map. But after that date, the late great leader Hafez al-Assad changed Syria into a key state to be reckoned with at all levels. The late President, through his wisdom, strategic vision and firm stances has achieved great accomplishments, established strategic relations with neighboring countries and created a vital and effective space and a regional balance. Syria has moved into the stage of an effective Arab presence in the regional and international circles to defend the rights of the Arab nation, especially the central cause of the Arab people, the Palestine question.

The CM anniversary comes this year as Syrian people and army are waging battles against terrorism and against American and Turkish aggression on the Syrian lands.  Inspired by the sublime values and great meanings of the Correction Movement, Syrian people and army are determined to press ahead with their battle to uproot terrorism and to end  illegitimate military presence on the Syrian territories.

The Syrians desire that their life will return to normal, to what it used to be before the crisis as they were leading a prosperous and stable life which was the main and salient aspect of their homeland after the Correction Movement. The Syrian army and people are, once again, foiling attempts to undermine the Movement’s values by confronting the biggest terrorist war fought against Syria.

K. Q.