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A committee in the US House of Representatives begins sessions to hold Trump accountable next week

The Intelligence Committee at the US House of Representatives will hold three days of public hearings next week as part of its inquiry into President Donald Trump's accountability, the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee said on Tuesday.

The US House of Representatives has recently passed a resolution to launch the public phase of the investigation into Trump's impeachment, with 232 votes to 196; the first official vote in a battle that could run until the 2020 presidential election.

Witnesses at the committee's hearings scheduled to be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week have already received subpoenas to testify, Reuters quoted Schiff as saying in a statement.

A poll conducted earlier this month by the Wall Street Journal and NBC Network showed that more than half of the Americans supported the investigation to isolate Trump.

In September, more than 300 former National Security officials in the United States called for the accountability of Trump for his unreasonable abuse of power and his deeply disturbing actions regarding national security.

Inas Abdulkareem