Treacherous assassinations, Netanyahu's attempt to export internal crisis

The recent Israeli cowardly crimes of assassinating leaders of the Palestinian resistance in Damascus and Gaza are an attempt made by extremist Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to export his internal crisis represented by his failure to form a coalition government and to flee the corruption charges facing him. The extremist,  who lost consecutive elections,  is trying in a desperate attempt to stay in his position.  For a decade, Netanyahu has been working to perpetrate the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories and undermine prospects for peace in the region and this is what he did in his recent assassinations.

The Israeli brutal aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip and al-Mezza area in Damascus, which claimed the lives of a number of people and injured others, in addition to causing huge material damage to public and private properties, will have adverse consequences on the whole region. Netanyahu’s policy of escalation would drag the region into a real catastrophe.

The international community and the UNSG should immediately interfere to oblige the Israeli occupation authorities to stop their aggression on Gaza Strip and its cowardly assassination attempts. The silence and procrastination of international organizations and circles in the face of the Israeli regime’s aggression, terrorism and flagrant violation of other states' sovereignty would encourage it to commit more savage crimes against the Palestinian and Arab people.  If the Israeli officials will not be held accountable for their vicious crimes against the Palestinian people, this would encourage them to press ahead with their aggression against the Palestinian lands and people. The Israeli war criminals have to be subjected to legal proceedings and punishment at international tribunals as war criminals.

Netanyahu and his ilk are gravely mistaken if they think that their criminal assassination of the leaders of the resistance would stop the resistance acts against Israeli occupation. On the contrary, such atrocious massacres will intensify the resistance. Shortly after the Israeli massacre, Palestinians launched a salvo of rockets into the occupied territories, setting off sirens in Tel Aviv, Sderot, Gedera and Ashdod.

During the massive funeral of the leader of the Islamic Jehad Baha'a Abu al-Atta and his wife, the mourners   vowed to continue in the footsteps of assassinated commander in order to liberate all the occupied Arab territories and the establishment of the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Such atrocious crimes would not have taken place if the US had stopped its unlimited support to this bloodthirsty and infanticidal regime. The unconditional backing provided to Israel by Trump's administration which has been offering gifts to Netanyahu in return for his recurrent aggressive attacks against the Palestinians, encouraged Netanyahu and his ilk to press ahead with their ferocious atrocities. Tel Aviv would not have dared to stage the attack, had it not been encouraged by some Arab and Gulf regimes’ rush over the recent years to normalize relations with the occupying regime.

Netanyahu, Israeli forces, and illegal settlers in the occupied territories would pay a heavy price for these crimes.  Netanyahu and his ilk should realize well that assassinations cannot and will not put an end to resistance. The will of the resistance grows and becomes more persistent day by day.