Fabrications in mind of Western Officials

The war in Syria was about capturing the hearts of the people, and you cannot capture the hearts of the people by bombarding them, underscored President  Bashar Al-Assad in his recent interview with RT-UK TV Channel.

President Assad noted in reply to other questions regarding ''chemical' attacks against Syrians that such fabrications existed in the mind of the Western officials; it’s a narrative that was the pretext to attack Syria.  So, it was only allegation; never, never has the Syrian army used chemical weapons before we handed over all arsenals to the international committee.

Now, it’s been since 2013, we’ve been here, in the same allegation, couldn’t they prove it after six years?  And every time they say, Syria has used chemical weapons.  Is it possible to be under this precise, let’s say, supervision by the whole Western world and we’re going to use it again and again?!  This is not rational; I mean the whole story, we don’t need it, we are advancing, outlined President Assad.

  Every time they talk about using the chemical weapons, it is when we advance, not when we lose.  I mean, even militarily, you may use, if you want to use such a weapon, I’m not talking about the Syrian Army, because we don’t have it anymore, but logically, you can use it when you’re losing ground, not when you’re advancing.

Every story was nothing more than allegation.  The one who said there was use of chemical weapons, is the one who should prove his story, he is the one who should offer evidence that it’s been used…What’s the evidence that they have to prove their story? Nothing, they have nothing.

"…. they staged a play, full play, where somebody plays the role of the victim in many incidents, not only with the chemical weapons, even with bombardments, they stage a play that somebody is being the victim, and then at the end of the shooting, he is a normal person, he stands up and moves normally; you can see it on YouTube…" President Assad underlined.

Meantime, Eric, the veteran  Investigative historian, published an objective recent report in the Duran website , regarding such fabrications and groundless accusations against Syria.The three Governments of U.S., UK, and France, fired over a hundred missiles against Syria, on no more ‘justification’ than staged videos that had been done by those regimes’ own proxy boots-on-the-ground fighters in Syria.

It is now clear that on 14 April 2018, the three Governments of U.S., UK, and France, fired over a hundred missiles against Syria, on no more ‘justification’ than staged videos that had been done by those regimes’ own proxy boots-on-the-ground fighters in Syria, who are trying to overthrow Syria’s existing, non-sectarian Government and replace it by a Sharia-law regime that would be selected by agents of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family, asserted Zuesse.

In other words: the fighters whom the U.S., UK, and France, had been arming and training, had themselves created this pretext of a faked ‘gas attack’ having been perpetrated against civilians, as an excuse in order for those three national regimes (which Governments are those jihadists’ own foreign supporters and backers — the real  international “Deep State” imposing the empire of which they themselves are already a part as the empire’s proxy boots-on-the-ground army) to, additionally and now directly, invade Syria, by means of over a hundred missiles against Syria, on that date: 14 April 2018.

The U.S.-and-allied Deep State worked in conjunction with these jihadists in order to wage their war against Syria. This international war-crime, of “aggression” against a sovereign state — or, in common parlance, unprovoked aggression, for conquest — is now clear, and will be fully documented in the following news-report, providing the evidence for prosecution of those three Governments, in an appropriate forum:

On 27 October 2019, Caitlin Johnstone posted to Twitter a 2:18-long audio clip from the BBC World Service in which Jonathan Steele, who specializes in reporting on the Middle East, reported that now a second whistleblower from within the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) (the U.N.-authorized agency to investigate possible chemical-weapons attacks) is alleging that the OPCW’s final report, regarding the alleged 7 April 2018 chemical attack against Douma Syria, had lied in some significant ways in order to avoid concluding that the ‘attack’ (which had been the excuse for the 14 April 2018 invasion) had been staged and never actually occurred. Johnstone then posted to the American Herald Tribune and other non-mainstream online news-media, an article “The USA’s History Of Controlling The OPCW To Promote Regime Change”, saying:

When the Courage Foundation and WikiLeaks published the findings of an interdisciplinary panel which received an extensive presentation from a whistleblower from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) investigation of an alleged 2018 chlorine gas attack in Douma, Syria, it was left unclear (perhaps intentionally) whether this was the same whistleblower who leaked a dissenting Engineering Assessment to the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media this past May or a different one. Subsequent comments from British journalist Jonathan Steele assert that there are indeed two separate whistleblowers from within the OPCW’s Douma investigation, both of whom claim that their investigative findings differed widely from the final OPCW Douma report and were suppressed from the public by the organization.

On 28 May 2019, I had posted “SUPPRESSED OPCW FINDING: War-Crime Likely Perpetrated by U.S. Against Syria on 14 April 2018”, about what one can reasonably presume had been the first of those two whistleblowers, and linking through directly to the actual suppressed OPCW document. That article also described and documented the fact that the U.S.-and-allied allegations, which said that there had been a 21 August 2013 sarin-gas attack by the Syrian Government against its town of East Ghouta, had likewise been faked, though that attack actually had occurred — but not by Syria’s Government: it had been perpetrated instead by the fighters whom the U.S. and its allies had armed (America’s jihadist proxy boots-on-the-ground there).

As I had already reported on 30 September 2015, under the headline “Obama Lied When He Said This”, Trump’s immediate predecessor Barack Obama had lied repeatedly about the alleged sarin gas attack by Syria’s Government against the town of East Ghouta on 21 August 2013, and Obama stopped his planned bombing of Syria as America’s alleged ‘retaliation’ or ‘punishment’ of Syria’s Government for that, only because he couldn’t obtain even one ally to go along with him in an overt invasion, on that occasion. They knew that he was lying about it, though the U.S. press (except for Seymour Hersh in the London Review of Books — not even a U.S. publication) refused to publish the fact. Americans were kept (and are kept) ignorant of the reality.

So, now there’s even more certainty than ever that Trump and his allies had committed an international war-crime on 14 April 2018. The U.S. regime’s pattern of lying is clear and consistent, even across U.S. Presidencies. It’s not the quirk of a dictator, but it certainly could be a quirk of a dictatorship.

 Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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