Mr. Thief President!

US President Mr. Trump's mafia-like policy of usurping and robbing the Syrians from their main income of living has been condemned worldwide as an armed illegal occupation and robbery in violations of every law and norm.

 Among those objective and anti occupation voices was the US presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard who accused Trump of wanting to take oil from Syrians. US President Donald Trump aims to seize oil fields belonging to the people of Syria, US Congresswoman, Presidential candidate, Gabbard told Fox News.

  The task assigned to US troops is to ensure the security of the American people and the US national security and, unfortunately, President Trump changed course: if he had previously advocated the return of American troops from Syria to his homeland, now he wants to leave them in Syria not to fight ISIS, but to protect oil fields that do not belong to the United States as these deposits belong to the Syrian people, underscored Congresswoman Gabbard.

 Mrs. Gabbard asserted that the Syrian people are deprived of the main source of resources and energy that they need in order to survive and begin to build life.

 General Mark Milley, chair of the US Chiefs of Staff Committee, said last week that the US intends to maintain control of Conoco’s oil fields in Syria. The Russian Defense Ministry said that the US is smuggling Syrian oil to other countries; caravans are guarded by US private military companies and special forces.

 In the meantime, the US occupation forces are preparing materials to build two new bases in the oil-rich province of Deir Al-Zour in eastern Syria.

 The US occupation troops are preparing to build bases in the Soor area. There is a large amount of construction equipment in these lands, and 250-300 additional military personnel have been deployed in this area, as well as armored personnel carriers, heavy weapons and ammunition,” the Sputnik News Agency reported, citing local sources.

 The hero Syrian Army and its allies have been defending the entire world from foreign backed terrorist and they alone can protect our oil and other resources. US occupation forces should not 'protect' the Syrian oil fields Mr. Trump. They should protect US oil fields and their own country and US lives, including theirs.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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