Lebanese demonstrations, anti-resistance scheme

It is an established fact that the resistance axis has been the main target of the American Zionist plots hatched with the aim of ending resistance acts against Israeli occupation and enabling Israel to penetrate the Arab region politically, economically and culturally.  One of the sinister tools used by the US and its allies is the unfair unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria and Iran. The tight economic siege imposed by the US and its allies on Syria and Iran directly hinders the achievement of economic and social development and affect the daily life of Syrian and Iranian peoples. Those who impose the unilateral sanctions are the states that think that they can punish the states which oppose their policies of imposing hegemony on the world under the pretexts of defending human rights or combating terrorism.

When they failed, Israel launched a war against Lebanon targeting its resistance in July 2006. Following Israel's humiliating defeat, the US and its allies began to think of another way to end this axis and they came up with the so-called the Arab Spring. Their failure in Syria pushed them once again to plan chaotic conflicts in Lebanon. With US and Gulf-backed terrorists in Syria were defeated after more than eight years of war, a similar scenario may be pushed in Lebanon

There are evil attempts to target the axis of resistance in the wake of ongoing anti-government demonstrations over the country's economic crisis. Anti-resistance scheme is being prepared for Lebanon. Several sides are exploiting popular protests to settle their account with Hezbollah and implement foreign agendas.  Social and livelihood demands have been diverted to target the resistance movement.

Foreign elements and certain political parties are seeking to exploit recent protests in Lebanon and create a political vacuum in the county. 

The resignation of Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri after a spate of street protests engulfed the capital Beirut wasted the time needed to implement the package of reforms.  Samir Ja'Ja', leader of the Lebanese Forces parliamentary bloc, was one of first Lebanese figures to call for Hariri to resign. He ordered his party’s four ministers in Hariri’s cabinet to submit their resignation immediately after the start of the demonstrations. Ja'ja' and his party are known to have close links with Washington and Riyadh. During Lebanon's bloody civil war, Ja'ja' led the Lebanese Forces militia and formed an alliance with Israel. The militias are known to have facilitated the ill-famed Sabra and Shatila massacre in Beirut, which led to death of more than 3,500 Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.

Leader of Lebanon's Progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt is also another politician who is trying to implement the American Zionist project in Lebanon.

Reference should be made to the fact that Jumblatt expressed support for terrorist groups operating in Syria like al-Qaeda-lined al-Nusra Front during the height of a foreign-backed terrorist war against Syria, effectively siding with Riyadh and Tel Aviv’s shared objective of destroying Syria because it is the centre of the resistance axis.

All the US Israeli fiendish attempts to end the resistance axis are doomed to failure, because resistance is still alive in hearts and souls of every Arab citizen.