An International State Banditry

The US foreign policies are based since the very beginning of the US foundation on exploitation, robbery and occupation under different silly pretexts.  A brief review of the such US policies would point to the exploitation of the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Africa and even Europe itself.

The ongoing crisis in Iraq and Syria is yet another example for the US exploitation and robbery. The USA claims to keep its illegal presence and occupation of some territories in these two sisterly countries as to fight terrorism! Meanwhile US Troops have been working on transporting hundreds of ISIL Takfiri terrorists whom they detain from al-Jazeera region to Iraq after gathering them at the US bases in Syria.

SANA news agency quoted media and local sources as saying that “US occupation forces have transported dozens of Daesh detainees from al-Houl Camp, east of Hasaka city in parallel with intensive overflights of the occupation’s helicopters over the camp.”

This came less than 24 hours after transporting 230 foreign terrorists from the terrorist organization from al-Malkiya prison to al-Shadadi prison in Hasaka southern countryside. The move aims at investing the terrorists in attacking states achieve its interests, as well as to “blur any evidence on its involvement in a secret alliance with that terrorist organization on the other hand.”

Since the beginning of the Turkish offensive on the Syrian territory, the US occupation forces have transported about hundreds of Daesh terrorists and their families from the Syrian territories to Iraq in six batches as it made its base in al-Shadadi, south of Hasaka a center for gathering terrorists and their wives, SANA said.

 In the meantime, US under Mr. Trump's contradictions and fluctuations, It announced  that US troops will maintain their presence around the oil fields in eastern Syria.

The United States exploited oil in eastern Syria under the protection of its military and began to illegally exploit Syrian hydrocarbon, said the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In a statement, the Russian Ministry claimed that the oil had been "actively extracted and shipped en masse, on tanker trucks, for refining outside Syria". A practice that took place "before and after the debacle of ISIS in the east of the Euphrates", indicated the Russian military, a series of satellite images in support.

"Under the protection of the US military and private US mercenary companies, tankers from the oil fields of eastern Syria are being smuggled abroad. In the event of an attack on such a convoy, U.S. Special Forces and combat aviation will be immediately involved to protect it, " the statement said.

"As for mining, it is carried out using equipment supplied by the main Western companies and circumventing all the American sanctions," continued the document.

According to the Russian Ministry, the company Sadcub supported by the autonomous Administration of eastern Syria, assumes the functions of provider while the revenues from oil smuggling are stored in the accounts of private mercenary companies and U.S. intelligence services. Profits are estimated at more than $ 30 million per month.

Actually, what the US has been doing in Syria has nothing to do with fighting terrorism, as claimed, but is an armed occupation and exploitation of Syria's oil fields in Eastern Syria and is by all accounts an an international state banditry.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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