Army's defeat of terrorism, an extension of October victory

 The Syrian people are celebrating today the 46th anniversary of the October  War of Liberation ,which is considered an outstanding landmark in the modern history of the Arab nation and a shining example of valor, heroism and glory.

Immediately after the correction  Movement, the late great leader President Hafez al-Assad began the process of rebuilding the Syrian army to be ready for the battle of liberation against the Israeli forces of occupation. The late great leader Hafez Al Assad built Syria, modernized it and re-built its military in order to liberate stolen Syrian territory.

On October 6th, 1973, the Syrian and Egyptian armies achieved a landslide victory against the Israeli army. The victory inaugurated the dawn of a new era and created a promising turning point in the life of the Arab Nation. This sweeping victory had great consequences at the local and international levels.

 The October victory has constituted an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Syrian people and army in confrontation of the conspiracies and plots hatched against Syria and the Arab nation over the past four decades.

The current field victories being achieved by the Syrian Arab Army obviously constitute an extension of its victories in the October Liberation War against the Zionist enemy.

The October Liberation War anniversary coincides with the army’s decisive battle against the foreign-backed terrorism targeting Syria and the region as a whole.

Hearing the reports of the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army in eliminating the mercenaries of the Wahhabis and Zionists, the Syrians recall with great pride the victories of the Syrian Armed Forces 46 years ago in the October Liberation War. The total faith in the ability of the Syrian army to achieve victory and destroy terrorism  is enhanced by the unity of the Syrians, who stand firm in the face of challenges and economic sanctions imposed on them in an attempt to undermine their commitment to their homeland.

This year’s anniversary comes as the Syrian Arab army is further determined to perform the sublime duty of defending the homeland and eradicating terrorism to foil anti-Syria conspiracies hatched by the West and its regional and Arab tools.

The October victory  anniversary is an opportunity for motivation towards development and struggle and an opportunity for unifying all efforts at the local, Arab, regional and international arenas to uproot terrorism and resolve the crisis in Syria peacefully through conducting a comprehensive dialogue that encompasses all spectra of Syrian society without any form of foreign intervention. The solution to the crisis in Syria will only be purely Syrian far from foreign interference and dictations in the domestic affairs of Syrian people.

The sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army and the martyrs who offered their blood to defend the soil of the homeland and the dignity of its people will be a source of pride and strength for all Syrians to press ahead with their struggle and believe in the inevitability of victory against terrorism and its supporters. The Syrian Arab people who won previous battles will achieve a new victory against takfiri terrorism.  October victory would bring another victory to Syria against terrorism and the sinister American Zionist project which aims to create sectarian sedition in the region and undermine Syria’s resistant and pan-Arab role.