Groundless pretexts behind US military intervention

 Military intervention has been the prominent  feature of American foreign policy since the end of the World War II. U.S. interference is always masked by fake pretexts, namely humanitarian intervention, establishing democracy or protecting endangered religious or national minorities, while the real  reason has been implementing certain US colonialist projects in various parts of the world.

US excuses are groundless. For instance, many human rights organizations have warned against the deteriorating human rights situation in Saudi Arabia but the US administration did not interfere. The horrible killing of journalist Jamal Khasheggi by Saudi agents in the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul disclosed how far the kingdom would go to silence opposition figures.  Khashoggi’s murder is not a co-incidence.

Rather, it is indicative of a wider theme of suppression in the Gulf that has been going on for years against any form of opposition.

Bahrain, Saudi’s little sister has also a record of atrocious crimes against journalists and intellectuals .

In 2011, Bahraini authorities tortured to death Karim Fakhrawi, the co-founder of the country’s only independent newspaper, al-Wasat. 

Trump’s administration encouraged the dictatorial regime and has given its government  the green light to repress civilians and imprison political and intellectual figures. The US officials also kept silent because the US political and economic interests are guaranteed under Al Khalifa rule.

 In Mozambique, the US turned a deaf ear and a blind eye regarding  former president Mugabe's oppressive acts and gross human rights violations for more than 35 years and ousted him within ten  days when its interests were endangered.


In Syria, the US interfered  to topple the Syrian state, destroy its army and infrastructure in service of the US Israeli project in the region, which aims to break the resistance axis against Israel as Syria constitutes the beating heart of this axis.  However,  thanks to the strong national unity between the Syrian army and people,  the US project was doomed to failure. 

The US-led coalition has committed dozens of massacres against civilians in Syria by targeting residential neighborhoods in the cities of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor.

 The coalition ignored the centers of Daesh and other terrorist groups. On the contrary, the US aircrafts have contributed more than once to evacuate ISIS members and make them evade the Syrian army operations.

Takfiri  terrorism  was also used in  the Middle East as a tool to achieve American agendas and serve the US-Israeli colonialist interests , a phenomenon which is a result of the U.S. support for terrorist groups in the first place.

To avoid direct blame and accountability, Washington has ordered the petro-dollar states, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar to offer unlimited financial and military support for these terrorist groups.

Statistically, most of the U.S. interventions under “humanitarian” pretexts or claims of “protecting endangered minorities” actually resulted in killing of innocent people, destroying infrastructure and social or geographic  fragmentation, in the areas of interference, and sometimes both.

So, the US administration should realize that peoples of the world have become well aware of  its baseless pretexts to justify  shameful military intervention.