Stories of heroism, glory and sacrifice

Syrian people countrywide mark today with great pride the 74th foundation anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army. Over the past seven decades, the Syrian Arab Army has been committed to its noble values and sublime principles, namely defending the homeland and safeguarding its territorial integrity in confrontation of the American Israeli projects which aim at violating Syria's sovereignty dominating its independent decision and ending the axis of resistance as Syria constitutes the heart of this axis.

As we celebrate Army Day, we remember with great pride the Army personnel who sacrificed  their lives for the sake of their people and homeland to maintain the country’s steadfastness and defend its sovereignty in the face of enemies. We also express best wishes of speedy recovery for all the wounded.

The Syrians, on this occasion, recall the great values of martyrdom and the heroic sacrifices of the army and armed forces, and stress their support and standing by the Syrian army till final victory and full eradication of all forms of terrorism are achieved .

As the war on Syria entered its eighth year,  Army Day brings to mind stories of heroism, glory, commitment and sacrifices that the Syrian Army and armed forces have made to defend the independence of their homeland and uproot terrorism from all Syrian territories.

   Army Day is an occasion for inspiring the great meanings of sacrifice and continuing the march of victories for liberating the occupied Syrian Golan,  eliminating terrorism and restoring security and stability to all Syrian areas.

The landslide victories realized by the Syrian Arab army and its allies  in the battle against takfiri terrorism and the liberation of most of the Syrian Arab territories has disturbed the US and Israel and pushed Israel to launch attacks against Syrian sites.  The repeated Israeli attacks against Syrian territories have become systematic behavior with the aim of protecting Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS terrorists.  Any attack against the Syrian Arab armysupports terrorism directly as the Syrian Arab army is fighting terrorism on behalf of the entire world.  These cowardly and provocative Israeli attempts will not dissuade the Syrian Army and armed forces from confronting whoever tries to attack Syria or  violate its sovereignty.

On Army Day,the Syrian people renew their rallying behind their army and Armed forces to press ahead with their battle  against, takfiri terrorism, aggression and dangers facing the homeland.