Combatting Terrorism

Despite the fact that the UN Security Council has adopted several resolutions to combat Takfiri terrorism, the world is still suffering from this devastating phenomenon. The reason is that the US and its Western allies have politicized these resolutions to achieve the objectives of their colonialist project in the Middle East region, which aims, among other things, to end the axis of resistance and enable Israel to invade the Arab region politically, economically and culturally.

The main responsibility for the failure of the international community in fighting terrorism is due to certain UNSC member states’ lack of commitment to implementing the global counter-terrorism strategy, their breaches of relevant Security Council resolutions, and the carelessness in holding these terrorism-sponsoring states responsible.

Effectiveness and success in combating terrorism require political will, commitment by all member states, and refraining from breaching relevant Security Council resolutions or using terrorism as a political and military tool to interfere in states’ affairs.

The UN Charter advocates a peaceful world in which peace, justice, respect, and solidarity prevail, a world that is based on respecting the sovereignty, independence and territorial  of states. Despite of these supreme principles, some states, especially the US, have violated those principles under fragile pretexts that contradict with   the UN Charter and the provisions of the international law in a way that negatively reflected on international peace and stability.

One of the most dangerous reasons behind undermining the regional and international peace and security is the spread of the phenomenon of benefiting from terrorism on the regional and international levels. The tragic events which the world is witnessing nowadays, particularly the terrorist operations by Daesh (ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra and all the other affiliated terrorist organizations in Syria and in many parts of our Arab countries and all over the world, are clear evidence on the aggravating phenomenon of terrorism.

Ignoring the phenomenon of supporting terrorism by some influential states and their adoption of  double-standards policy in facing that phenomenon prove that  there is no political will to eliminate that phenomenon and that the international community hasn’t reached the required level of combating terrorism. The only way for combating terrorism is through the full implementation of the Security Council’s relevant resolutions. What the Syrian Government and its allies are doing in that regard for eradicating terrorism from every inch of the Syrian territories is a sovereign right and a legitimate practice of Syria’s constitutional duty in protecting its citizens and preserving its sovereignty from the terrorist acts.

Syria has the right to retaliate to the attacks against its sovereignty and territorial integrity according to the provisions of the international law and the UN Charter. The Israeli occupation authorities have gone far in practicing state terrorism after the failure of their acts of aggression and conspiracies since the beginning of the crisis in Syria with the aim of supporting  terrorist groups and preventing the Syrian Arab Army from defeating Daesh, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations which are partners with “Israel” in terrorism. All the Israeli acts of aggression haven’t and will not be able to intimidate the Syrian people who have become more determined to achieve victory over terrorism and to restore the occupied Syrian Golan till June 4, 1967 borderlines, despite of all the attempts by the US President Donald trump to undermine that right.

The unilateral coercive economic measures imposed by the US and the European Union on some states including Syria, Venezuela, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), and others are means for achieving certain political goals and agendas.

The continued destructive US interference in Syrian affairs aims at prolonging and complicating the crisis. All US-Turkish understandings are a blatant aggression on Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. These understandings  constitute a blatant aggression on Syria’s territorial integrity and national unity being a flagrant violation of the International Law principles and UN Charter.

The   pretexts being promoted by the Turkish regime in its aggression on Syria under the disguise of protecting its national security are disproved by the behaviors and policies of this regime, which has been the fundamental base and main sponsor of terrorist groups. In fact, Turkey has been  one of the main reasons behind the continuity of crisis in Syria through its open war against Syria people.  Erdogan's regime was also behind providing terrorist organizations with chemical weapons to commit crimes against Syrian people.

If the international community is serious in combatting terrorism and finding out a peaceful solution for the crisis in Syria, the first step should be putting deterrent measures to Erdogan and other regional states which have been funding terrorist organizations and supporting their criminal acts against Syrian people.