Settlement will not change Golan's genuine Syrian Arab identity

The most recent episode of the arbitrary and racist practices  taken by the Israeli occupation in the occupied Syrian Golan was  the  “wind turbines”  project which the Israeli entity intends to carry out to steal the lands and usurp them from people of the occupied Golan.

The people of occupied Syrian Golan staged  a general strike in rejection of the Israeli occupation entity’s settlement plan of setting up wind turbines on their agricultural lands in Majdal Shams, Boqatha, Mas’ada, and Ain Qania villages.


The Israeli occupation entity is trying to pass the wind turbines’ plan under the pretext of wind generated electricity aiming at confiscating more than 6,000 dunums of farmlands owned by the locals in the villages and displacing them from their houses and lands due to the negative effects of this project. The Israeli occupation authorities’ plan poses a great danger on the locals of the occupied Syrian Golan because of its negative effects on their health, particularly the locals’ houses which locate near the wind turbines, and it will reduce the planted areas to be another pretext for confiscating more farmlands by the occupation forces.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister extremist Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled a new settlement in the occupied Golan Heights, named after US President Donald Trump. This move is a publicity stunt with no legal authority.

The new settlement is expected to be built near Kela in the northern Golan. Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan rejected the proclamation of occupation’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to establish a new settlement in Golan named “Trump.” They affirmed their adherence to the Syrian Arab identity and belonging to their homeland, Syria, confronting all the aggressive occupation procedures.

The Israeli occupation authorities’ violations of human rights and the international humanitarian law in Palestine and in the occupied Syrian Golan should be accountable  and their perpetrators mustn’t escape punishment again. The continuation of the Israeli occupation’s violations of the UN Charter, UN resolutions and the political, civilian, economic, social and cultural rights of the Palestinian people and the people of the occupied Syrian Golan for 52 years hold the Human Rights Council responsible for investigating into these violations and for holding the occupation entity accountable for its arbitrary and hostile practices.

The occupation’s continued arbitrary practices and usurpation of lands and properties of the Palestinians and of the people in the occupied Syrian Golan are a flagrant violation of the international humanitarian law and the UN resolutions.

The Israeli occupation authorities’ continued systematic violations of the international humanitarian law and its arbitrary practices will not undermine the steadfastness of the Syrian people in the occupied Golan, but on the contrary, they will be more adhered to their national belonging and their Syrian Arab identity.

Attempts of the United States and the Israeli occupation entity to change the legal and demographic status of the occupied Syrian Golan are doomed to failure.

It is an integral part of Syria and will return to its sovereignty sooner or later. No one in the world can deny this fact, which has been confirmed by all resolutions of the United States, especially the UN Security Council Resolution No. 497 of 1981 which asserts that the Golan is an occupied Syrian land and that any measures taken by the Israeli occupation authorities on this occupied land are null and void and they don’t have any legal effect.

The people of the occupied Syrian Golan confirmed that the holding of a meeting for the Israeli occupation government in the Golan and the naming of a settlement after US President Donald Trump are invalid procedures and violate the international laws and the UN Charter .

The struggle of our people in the Golan against the Israeli occupation began since 1967. Their heroic resistance is growing and moving from one generation to another.

The national open strike, which was staged in 1982 and lasted for six months, came to declare rejection of the Israeli occupation authorities’ decision issued on December 14, 1981 to annex the occupied Syrian Golan and impose Israeli laws on its people.

UN Security Council Resolution No. 497 was not the only UN resolution to confirm that the Golan is a Syrian.  Since 1981, the UN General Assembly has issued dozens of resolutions which emphasize the invalidity of the occupation’s plans and procedures of imposing its laws on the Syrian Golan and guarantee Syria’s right to restore it.

Washington, with the arrival of President Donald Trump to power in early 2017, intended to change its policy towards the region and began to take concrete measures that serve the Israeli occupier. The beginning was Trump’s declaration of the occupied  Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation entity on December 2017 and the transfer of the US embassy to it on May 2018.  Later, Washington attempted to omit the term “occupied” for the Syrian Golan and the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 in a clear bias and unlimited support to the Israeli occupation entity and a flagrant violation of the resolutions of international legitimacy issued with the consent of the United States itself.

The Trump Declaration on the Golan on March 25, represented highest degrees of contempt for international legitimacy and posed a disgraceful insult to the international community.

Today, people of the Golan are more determined to continue the struggle. Despite the crimes of the occupier against them and its attempt to steal their land, they continue to confront all the occupation schemes. Last October, they burned the “election cards” of the so-called “local councils elections”.

All the policies of the occupation and its supporters will not affect the will and steadfastness of people of Golan and their adherence to the national identity.

Syria will spare no efforts to liberate the occupied Golan from the Israeli occupation and will go ahead in resistance since it is the only way to retake lands occupied by Israel.

The Zionists, Trump and is ilk should know well that Syria’s sovereign right to restore all the occupied Golan till the line of June 4, 1967 is inalienable and doesn’t fall with the passage of time. Golan will remain a Syrian Arab land, and the powers of arrogance all over the world will not change its demographic status and identity and it will remain an inseparable part of the Syrian sovereignty forever.