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Manama meeting doomed to failure

Manama Meeting is in line with US and Israeli attempts to pull the plug on the Palestinian national project, and aims to downgrade the Palestinian cause from the issue of people looking for freedom and independence to economic and humanitarian woes.The purpose of the Manama Conference is to replace the motto of ‘land for peace’ with the motto of ‘economic prosperity for peace.  The issue of Palestine is not an economic or humanitarian issue. Rather,” it is the issue of a displaced people who were expelled from their land by the Israeli occupation.

The US-led conference in Bahrain paves the way for President Trump’s controversial proposal for “peace” between the Israeli occupation entity and Palestinians, dubbed “the deal of the century.” It is a US attempt to substitute the so-called Middle East peace process with imposed economic incentives. The conference is another US attempt to shift the priorities of the regional agenda and impose an ' alternative vision' of the Palestinian-Israeli settlement.

The persistent desire to replace the task of achieving a comprehensive political solution with a package of the so-called 'economic incentives' while eroding the principle of the two-state solution is causing deep concern.

The deal of century will be defeated at the hands of the resistance axis. The United States has kept the plan, which it says is aimed at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, under wraps. The deal of the century features serious violations of the Palestinian legitimate rights. The US plan aims at complete elimination of Palestine. Using the sinister scheme, Washington is trying to abuse the ignorance, negligence, and the treacherous nature of some of its Arab and regional tools to permanently do away with the issues of the Palestinian refugees’ return to their indigenous homeland and formation of an independent Palestinian state with al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital.

The Palestinian people vigorously reject US President Donald Trump’s controversial proposal for “peace” between the Israeli occupation entity and Palestinians. The Palestinians will not accept solutions that violate their rights… The deal of century is aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause and dropping central issues like Jerusalem and the return of Palestinian refugees. The US-led conference in Bahrain in support of Washington's so-called Middle East "peace" plan is a plot in coordination with the occupying Israeli entity to liquidate the Palestinian cause. The Palestinian people are united in their rejection of the deal of the century as it only serves the interests of Israel.

Manamah meeting, which is an attempt to whitewash the Israeli occupation through economic solutions, will not pass. The decisions made by Trump’s administration and Israeli authorities are nothing but an attempt to legitimatize and deepen apartheid in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The deal of the century serves the Israeli interests, especially with regard to perpetuating occupation and expanding illegal settlements. “New Palestine" will be established in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, with the exception of Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land in the West Bank.The settlement blocks in the occupied West Bank, which are illegal under international law and UN Security Council Resolution 2334, will remain under the Israel's regime control and will expand to reach out to other isolated settlements.

Moreover, the occupied city of Jerusalem will not be divided but is to be shared by Israel and “New Palestine,” with the Israeli occupation maintaining general control.

The US administration has become a partner of the occupation, and all it wants is to change the form of this occupation and preserve it. The US administration is trying to impose solutions that are not in line with international legitimacy.

The United States is applying a policy of intimidation in the region, and the US President Donald Trump's administration is the main backer of far-right ideology in Israel. Kushner and his partner in Palestinian rights-denial, Jason Greenblatt, tried to put the cart before the horse, outlining their vision for "economic prosperity" for Israel and Palestine before presenting a political vision that the Palestinians can accept. Palestine’s full economic potential can only be achieved by ending the Israeli occupation, respecting international law and UN resolutions.

With the key party to ending the conflict absent from the Manama workshop, the event is heading for a spectacular failure.

The US-sponsored economic workshop in Bahrain is a strategic mistake and it will pave the way for Arab normalization of relations with the Tel Aviv regime whilst it continues to occupy Palestinian land and refuses to withdraw from the occupied Arab territories as provided for by relevant UN resolutions.

Bahrain workshop is a provocative move that would further escalate tensions in the Middle East. It is doomed to failure in the face of the resistance and steadfastness.