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Syrians will remain steadfast in the face of economic embargo

The failure of the US, Israel, their Western allies and regional and Arab tools to subjugate the Syrian people over the past eight years through supporting Takfiri terrorists coming from different parts of the world, pushed them to think of a new form of terrorism, namely economic terrorism.

  Economic terrorism is a new form of the US-Western war waged  against the Syrian people to achieve the goals they failed to realize through the field war despite of financing and arming terrorist organizations. 

Economic terrorism started on ground through a stifling siege on the importation of oil derivatives. Tightening the embargo and punitive measures on the companies and states which deal with Syria was the reason behind the long lines of cars seen around gas stations in Syria.


Western media  paid a great attention to the adverse repercussions of the economic siege on the Syrians without analyzing its real reasons, even though they said that it came as a result of the US-Western embargo. But they didn't refer to the fact that the US, Israel and their allies wanted to take revenge for the failure of the eight year war launched against Syrian people with the aim of destroying Syria and make it succumb to the Zionist diktat, especially ending the resistance of the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories and enabling Israel to invade the Arab Homeland politically and economically.

This siege caused a worsening fuel shortage, bringing some major cities to a near standstill and causing some of the war’s worst economic circumstances. The Western states hoped that this siege will exert pressure on the Syrian Government to obtain “concessions” which they had failed to achieve through the military war.  But they will fail once again thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their rallying behind their army and leadership. The steadfastness of the Syrian people in the face of the embargo was ignored  intentionally by the Western media as they don’t want to write that the Syrians who have been able to remain steadfast in the face of the terrorist war are today able to stand in the face of the economic siege and its repercussions.

The unfair Western measures have succeeded in creating a worsening fuel shortage, yet the Syrian citizens challenged these unjust measures through initiatives launched by the Syrians in response to the economic siege in this stage as a part of the social solidarity and strong national unity.

The US and the European Union declared tightening the unilateral coercive economic measures on Syria and the states which import oil to it, as the US administration which failed in undermining the will of the Syrians hopes to achieve its schemes through the siege.

The US ambitions are failing due to the great steadfastness of the Syrian people and the inhuman measures imposed by the US will not dissuade the Syrians from their stances and their adherence to their homeland and their independent decision.

All the unilateral coercive economic measures by the United States and the European Union against Syria are illegal because they were not issued by the UN Security Council. Those measures constitute an economic terrorism added to the diplomatic and political terrorism carried out by these countries.

The unilateral coercive economic measures against Syria have inflamed the crisis instead of extending a helping hand, left very bad impacts on the livelihood of the Syrians and increased their suffering.

These measures are a completion of backing terrorism and extremism approach. Those countries and entities especially the so-called friends of Syria approved and implemented a series of unilateral economic, financial and commercial punitive and coercive measures without distinguishing between the government’s establishments, private sector or ordinary citizens. Such measures violate the principles and objectives of the United Nations Charter and resolutions and the rules of International Trade Law. They represent utter violation of the principles of international law and a west’s hegemony tool on states and nations.

The negative effects of the aggressive illegitimate unilateral measures imposed by the US and European Union prevent the Syrians from getting their basic needs of food, medicine, medical equipment, oil, agricultural requirements, civil air transport means and communication equipment.

These measures constitute a violation of the rights of the Syrian people. The imposition of unilateral coercive measures is a breach of the relevant UN General Assembly resolutions, including resolution no. 66/186 on unilateral economic measures as a means for political and economic coercion against developing countries and resolution no. 67/170 on human rights and unilateral coercive measures in which the General Assembly stresses its condemnation and rejection of unilateral economic measures.

The Syrian citizens have suffered a real humanitarian catastrophe amid plenty of talk about humanitarian assistance but lack of action, in contrast to generous funding by petro-dollar countries to the armed terrorist groups for purchasing fatal weapons to kill Syrian people and destroy their country. The regional and international countries and entities are actually complicit in feeding cross-border terrorism.

All these aggressive measures will not make the Syrian people succumb to the American Zionist agenda which focuses on ending resistance of Israeli occupation and implementing the so-called the Deal of the Century.