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Syrian Workers, Main Pillar of Development Process

As the Syrian workers mark the May Day, they remember with great pride the sacrifices of their colleagues who fell martyrs while they were performing their duties in service of their people and homeland.  The Syrian workers reiterate their determination and support to the Syrian Arab army’s heroic sacrifices and achievements through keeping the wheel of production turning despite the difficult circumstances, represented by the terror war and the unfair economic sanctions and blockade imposed on the Syrian people by the US and its allies. The continuity of work and production sends powerful message that terrorists will never win or succeed to undermine the Syrians’ willingness to defend the homeland and go ahead in the process of development and progress.


The Syrian  working class is exerting strenuous efforts to survive the economic war and the unfair unilateral sanctions imposed by western states, not to mention the devastation caused to the factories and infrastructures due to terrorist attacks. Throughout the crisis in Syria, a number of factories were persevered and managed to maintain production, proving that Syrian industrialists can surmount all difficulties with their resourcefulness despite the unilateral economic embargo imposed on Syria. Thanks to these industrialists’ efforts, the “Made in Syria” label remained present in foreign markets in spite of those who wanted to see Syria ruined and divided. May Day is an opportunity to improve performance to rise to the challenges facing society, as the current stage is a decisive one on which the future of Syria, the region, and international relations hinges.

 Work and productivity are the main line of defense for the people of any country.  Syrian workers  were and still are essential ally for the Syrian Arab Army which is valiantly fighting Syria’s enemies. The efforts and sacrifices of the working class are essential in achieving steadfastness and victory.

On May Day Syrian people nationwide express pride in Syria’s workers for their commitment to their duties and doing their part in defending Syria. The working class in Syria has shown creativity in overcoming difficulties and realizing development plans in the face of attempts to undermine the Syrian state. Syrian workers have made great sacrifices for the sake of Syria, and it’s moving forward by embracing technological advancements and new economic and industrial standards.  The working class is the most giving group in society, and it plays a special role in the construction process that allows the nation to develop and flourish. Workers in Syria have been targeted by the conspiracy along with the country’s factories and infrastructure. Undaunted by the immense challenges spawned by the ongoing terrorism crisis and economic blockade, Syria’s workers stress they are now resolved more than any time before to continue performing their national task, notwithstanding its enormity.  Despite all the destruction, vandalism, and theft carried out by terrorists, the production process is still going on in Syria’s factories thanks to Syrian workers.

Syrian workers celebrate today International Workers' Day with more determination to take part in the battle of rebuilding and reconstruction  and fighting takfiri terrorism which plagued our country over the past eight years with the aim of implementing a Zionist agenda that aims to weaken Syria and destroy its infrastructure. Targeting the infrastructure, which has been constructed by the great efforts of the workers, will not dissuade workers from exerting all efforts to reconstruct what has been sabotaged and destroyed by the armed terrorist groups over the past few years. May Day comes this year while Syria is still facing a vicious global war and conspiracies led by the US, Israel, and western governments and the Arab petro-dollar states.

Despite eight years of terrorist war waged against Syria, the majority of the Syrian institutions are carrying out their duties under difficult circumstances defying the takfiri terrorism which has been supported by the US, its European allies and regional and Arab petro-dollar states, and overcoming the economic embargo imposed by the US and its allies. Syrian people, armed with the bravery of its army, steadfastness of its workers and the blood of martyrs have been able to foil the conspiracy and confront the global war being launched against them.

On this occasion, Syrian people  reiterated faith in the role of workers in consolidating national unity and confronting internal and external challenges, on top of which the US-Zionist aggression backed by their regional tools and Arab petro-dollar states.

Syria’s workers will always remain the driving force, the main pillar for the development process and a symbol of sacrifice. The working class is a true partner in the victory against terrorism, as it supported the army and provided what the Syrian people needed to remain steadfast in the most difficult conditions.

The unilateral, coercive procedures imposed on Syria and its people  will never bring the Syrian people and their working class to their knees. Rather  they will increase their determination to defeat the Zionist American aggression and defend the sovereignty of Syrian people over their homeland.