No one can change legal status of Golan

In a new provocative step, the US State Department has officially implemented President Donald Trump's decision to recognize the occupied Golan  as Israeli territory, registering people born in the land as "native Israelis".

The Israeli Haaretz daily reported that all official documents issued by the State Department, including passports, will reflect the administration's recent decision.

But Trump and his ilk should realize well that no one in this universe can change the legal status and historic reality of Golan as an integral part of the Syrian Arab republic that has been occupied by Israel in 1967. Neither Trump nor any other person in the world has the right or the legal capacity to change the legal status of the occupied  Golan and legalize occupation and usurpation of others' lands. US President Donald Trump signed an order recognizing the Israeli regime's sovereignty over the occupied Golan. Such notorious act was motivated by personal interests to both Trump and Netanyahu. Trump has been working for gaining the support of the Zionist lobby to remain in his post for a second term. As for Netanyahu, he has long pushed for such recognition to be a campaign gift ahead of Israel's legislative elections. Netanyahu faces an increasingly tough time ahead as his  main political rival surpasses him in popularity and as calls mount for him to resign over corruption charges that could effectively end his political career. Ex-Zionist  military chief of staff Benny Gantz, head of the newly-formed center-left Blue and White political alliance, has both gained in popularity past that of Netanyahu’s and urged him to step down.

Trump's decision is the latest major move in favor of Israel. In December 2017, he formally recognized Jerusalem al as the so-called capital of Israel and later moved the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

By taking such decision,  the US president has only made the resistance front more determined to defeat the Israeli regime and its supporters.

Trump’s move shows a blatant bias to the Israeli occupation entity and it would further complicate the situations in the region. The move came after the failure of Washington’s schemes which target the region through using terrorist organizations as a tool to serve the occupation entity. Trump's signature represents the approach of occupation and arrogance adopted by the US and Israel and an attempt by Trump’s administration to change the world order and to control it.

The international community, particularly the states which claim that they are keen on the security and stability of the region should unify their efforts to stand in the face of the US full bias to the Israeli occupation and its policies.

The international community  should also reject the reckless, illegitimate and unacceptable US move which threatens stability in the region and the world.

The US decision does not change the natural belonging of the Golan to Syria, and they prove clearly the failure of the bargaining policies and the righteousness of the resistance and steadfastness in the face of the hostile and expansionist nature of the US and the Zionist entity. The US step represents the highest degree of disdain for the international legitimacy and a strong blow to the international community in a flagrant aggression on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, turning a blind eye to all international reactions that condemned such resolution.  The move  comes as a reflection of the severe hostility to the Arab nation which makes the US as the main enemy of the Arabs through the unlimited support and protection offered by the US successive administrations to the Israeli usurper entity.

The  US act dispossesses the UN its status and credibility as it constitutes  a flagrant violation of the UN resolutions relevant to Golan, especially resolution No.497 for 1981 which stresses the legal situation of the Syrian Golan as an occupied territory and rejects the annexation decision issued by the Israeli occupation authorities  and considers it as null, void and with no legal impact.

The US act and the predecessor racist acts show that  no one in the Arab nation is in a safe place of the US evils, a thing which requires the Arabs to take a serious and historic stance to pass the Arab bad situation and defend the Arab nation’s dignity, existence and rights.

The  US decision will only lead to  the isolation of the US, because all world states including some of the US allies abstained from supporting the US illegal move and stressed that Golan is a Syrian Arab territory that has been occupied by Israel in 1967. The US decision has also proved,  without any shade of doubt, that the US is  the main reason of instability in the Middle East and a factor of hegemony on the international community.

 In gratitude to the Trump's notorious decision, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he plans to name a new settlement in the occupied Golan Heights after President Donald Trump for his recognition of Israel's claim of "sovereignty" over the occupied Golan.

Netanyahu, who has been on a trip to the occupied region along with his family, said in a video message that he would submit a resolution calling for a new community on the Golan to be named after President Donald Trump.

The US notorious decision and the provocative Israeli and US steps that followed will make  the Syrians more determined  to defeat the aggression and liberate the Golan    by all possible means.

The occupied Syrian Golan is an Arab Syrian land and no resolution or illegal settlement  can change this established fact.