October victories continue to roll on


Fifty four years have elapsed since Syria’s victory against the Zionist entity in October Liberation War. The memories of 1973 war will remain vivid in the minds as the Arab soldiers shattered the legend of the invincible Israeli army and proved the capability of Syrian fighters to use the most sophisticated  weapons and achieve landslide victories.

The Syrian army’s battlefield victories continue to roll on. Nowadays, the Syrian people are living the joy of victory over large-scale terrorist war waged on their country with the aim of undermining its strength, unity and steadfastness. A victory that would not have been possible without the heroism and bravery of the Syrian army and the great sacrifices of its members to restore security and stability to every part of their beloved homeland.

The significant triumph in October Liberation War paved the way for a series of victories . For more than six years, the Syrian army has confronted western-US-Zionist schemes to fragment the region and defeated their agents of takfiri mercenaries despite the massive intelligence and logistic support provided for them.

Commemorating the 45th anniversary of October Liberation War, Syria is facing one of the most dangerous battles since the early twentieth century with the aim of making this country out of the circle of the confrontation with the Zionist enemy and liquidating the Palestinian cause in favor of the Zionist-Western schemes to control the Arab region with all its human and natural resources.


 Syria is going ahead in its war against all forms of extremist terrorism and announced that it supports any sincere international effort to combat terrorism as long as it preserves civilians’ lives and respects the national sovereignty in accordance with international charters, especially 2170 and 2178 resolutions adopted by the UN security Council.

The international coordination with those who call themselves ” moderate armed opposition” which perpetrates murder against the Syrians raises doubts about their serious intentions and desires to find a political solution in Syria. How can we accept the participation of the coalition in the fight against terrorism, while it calls for training the armed terrorist groups in a prelude to send them to Syria to continue fighting against the Syrian army and undermine the political solution?.

This year, the October Liberation War anniversary coincides with the army’s decisive battle against the foreign-backed terrorism targeting Syria and the region as a whole.

October victory has inaugurated the dawn of a new era and created a promising stage in the life of the Arab Nation. This sweeping victory had great consequences at the local and international levels. It  was chronicled in the Arab history as a bright spot and a shining example of valor and glory. The current battle which Syria is waging is different in form but not in substance from October war, as the foreign enemy arming terrorists and sending mercenaries into Syria has but one goal: toppling Syria, as the US and Israel sought to dominate it by weakening it and subverting its role.

 October victory has constituted an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Syrian people and army in confrontation of the conspiracies and plots hatched against Syria and the Arab nation over the past four decades. The current field victories being achieved by the Syrian Arab Army obviously constitute an extension of its victories in the October Liberation War against the Zionist enemy.

This sweeping victory had great consequences at the local and international levels. At the local level, October war was the first Arab victory against Israel shattering the so-called myth of Israeli invincible army. It also restored self-confidence to the Syrian fighters who showed great heroic deeds in the battlefield.

At the international level, the victory convinced the whole world that Syria is fighting for a just and noble cause, namely the liberation of the occupied Arab territories. After October, the whole world recognized the legitimate Arab rights to liberate their occupied lands. Following the ceasefire declared by President Sadat on the Egyptian front, the late great leader Hafez al-Assad was able to carry out the attrition war against the Zionists and liberate the city of Quneitra in 1974.  The Immortal President Hafez al-Assad raised the Syrian flag over the liberated city of Quneitra on June 26, 1974 as the first Arab territory liberated from the Israelis.