White Helmets

The so called “White Helmets” are preparing to shoot scenes of a fabricated chemical attack. According to information received earlier from local residents in Idleb, foreign English-speaking specialists arrived in Idleb to stage a “chemical attack” using chlorine-filled missiles within two days.

The so-called “White Helmets” organization has been involved in criminal acts and fabricating lies regarding alleged chemical attacks in Syria. Those people who call themselves aid workers are clearly and publicly involved in criminal provocative activities in Syria which have been proven by conclusive evidences.

Russia has repeatedly published evidence and facts that reveal the reality of  this group’s actions and its work field which range from the fabrication of provocations and the dissemination of misleading information on the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

The Syrians, both at the official and the popular level, reject this group and see it as a criminal organization. The “White Helmets” organization was established in Turkey in 2013; it has received massive funding from the US, Britain, and the West. The scope of its work in the locations of the terrorist organizations has raised many question marks about it and its alleged humanitarian work, especially that its members are belonging to these organizations.

 The criminal operation carried out by “Israel” and its tools in the region to transfer White Helmt members to Amman and then to some Western countries  has divulged the true nature of the organization of the so-called “White Helmets” which Syria has warned of its dangers on the security and stability in it and in the region due to its terrorist nature. 

Israel has always lied claiming that it doesn’t have a relation to the war waged on Syria, yet it has smuggled hundreds of members of the “White Helmets” terrorist organization and of the leaders of other armed terrorist organizations in cooperation with the governments of the US, Britain, Jordan , Germany  and Canada and this has uncovered the support provided by these states to the terrorist groups in their aggression against the Syrians and in destroying the infrastructure in Syria under false pretexts.

These pretexts have become divulged after the operation of smuggling those terrorists to “Israel” and from it to Jordan and later to the states which backed them and provided all possible help to them to destroy Syria and undermine its stances and image.

Words are not enough to express the discontent which the Syrians feel towards these mean conspiracies and the limitless support provided by the Western states, Israel and Jordan to the “White Helmets” organization and to the gangs of Daesh (ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations which have worked over the past eight years with the aim of deviating Syria from its track and destroying the achievements it has attained.

It has become unacceptable anymore to hold any meeting or discussions at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) or at any international organizations to discuss their false allegations on the use of chemical weapon in Syria because there are not chemical weapons in Syria which hopes that the concerned international organizations will combat terrorism and that the OPCW will correct its stances and image which have been deeply affected after disclosing the true destructive role played by the “White Helmets” and others.

The Israeli entity revealed that it carried out a “secret night operation” in which 800 members of the so-called “White Helmets” and their families were evacuated from southern Syria to Jordan.

Spokesman for the Israeli occupation army Avichay Adraee said that the evacuation process was implemented upon a request from the US, the UK and other European nations, adding that they were transferred to Jordan and from there will be absorbed in Britain, Germany or Canada.

Recent media reports say that the past few days have witnessed an unusual activity by the White Helmets members as information is being reported about terrorists preparing to carry out a chemical attack in the areas between Jisr al-Shughour and the northeastern countryside of Lattakia  city with the aim of accusing the army of this attack.

Sources from Idleb told Russia’s Sputnik news agency that White Helmets members used 8 vans to transport a shipment of barrels from Atma factory near the Turkish borders which specializes in recycling chlorine, moving from Idleb’s northern countryside through Ariha until they reached Jisr al-Shughour area, all under heavy protection formal-Nusra terrorists, all while calls have been made to “reserve members” of the White Helmets in several areas instructing them to report for work.

K. Q.