West and the Role of Institutions

The idea of the state was based primarily on the foundations of the various forms and functions of the society, which are essentially a public service for the society, whether security, social or economic matters. The institution-building was based on legal rules that control public behavior against rights and duties, the idea of citizenship and the rule of law.

In this context, the institutions played an important role in building and stabilizing the modern state based on the idea of justice and good governance. Despite the dedication of the institutions, this did not miss or negate the idea of leadership . where the belief in the West tends to the idea of leadership and the disappearance of the role of institutions and the adoption of the resolution is one of the most important reasons for the two world wars in the last century.

The basic idea that should be mentioned in this context is that the Western liberal political style does not allow the role of institutions to be bypassed and does not accept the idea of monopoly of the decision even from the head of the institution or inflated the role of the person at the expense of the institution, The general principle is that the institution is greater than its president.

 What the American president is pointing at in his decisions and choices is an indication that we have a president who wants to lead the largest liberal capitalist state with an oriental mentality that has its own understanding and culture in its view of power that is structurally different from that of Western liberal states. In addition, The American president is a prisoner of the culture of money. He is looking at the financial gain, not the political, because he views America as a major company, not as an economic, political and military superpower.


Dr.Khalaf al-Miftah

E&T: Lama Razzok