71st anniversary of the Baath Party Socialist Party

  It is a great co-incidence that the Syrian and Arab people mark today an important turning point in the modern history of the Arab nation, namely the Baath Party foundation anniversary, as the zero hour for announcing victory over takfiri terrorism is approaching.

As the Syrian and Arab people mark the 71st anniversary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) foundation, they become more determined to adhere to the noble principles of the Party which has always been expressing the aspirations of the Arab people nation-wide.  The Baath Party, which has been coping with the people’s struggle since its founding conference on April 7th, 1947 is now strengthening its commitment to its responsibilities in defending the Arab causes of destiny and confronting the conspiracies being hatched against the Arab people.

The anniversary comes while the Syrian Arab people are still confronting an internationally-led war just because they adhered to their independent decision in the region where genuine independence became scarce as the Arab League was subjugated by the Gulf petro-dollar blackmail to be a tool in the conspiracy being hatched against Syria.

The fierce war against Syria is confronted by the strong determination by Syrian people to go on and defend the homeland and the pan-Arab thought. What is happening in Syria doesn’t aim at creating democracy or justice; rather it seeks to change its firm positions and stances which have been advocated by the Baath Party since its foundation. Throughout its eventful march, the Baath Party Socialist Party has advocated and enhanced the culture of resistance to liberate the occupied Arab territories. For this reason, Zionism and its supporters hatched the global conspiracy Syria. The events taking place in Syria came to realize Israel’s goals after the failure of its aggression on Arab resistance movements. This global conspiracy seeks to weaken the resistance axis as Syria constitutes the beating heart of this axis. However, the developments on the ground caused the Israelis to become increasingly worried instead. The danger of toppling the Syrian state has passed, and the threat of dividing Syria has passed as well, and most states now adopt the political solution for the crisis in Syria, thanks to the unity of the Syrian people and the heroic deeds of the Syrian army in confronting Wahhabi takfiri terrorism.

 As the Syrian and Arab people mark Baath Party foundation anniversary, they express unwavering support for the Syrian army which is fighting terrorism all over Syria, expressing allegiance to the principles and values of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, and strongly believing that the Syrian people are going to achieve a decisive victory over the conspiracy targeting their country and the region as a whole.

Since its foundation, the Party has laid the groundwork for a new Syria and focused attention on protecting the homeland and liberating occupied lands.  Adhering to the principles of the Baath Party, the Syrian army is offering the dearest of sacrifices for Syria to remain invincible against conspiracies and terrorism.

The 71st anniversary of the Baath Party foundation constitutes an important motive for Syrian and Arab people to defend their homeland and combat the takfiri terrorist thought which aims to destroy the Arab homeland and spread the seeds of violence and extremism in service of the US Zionist projects in the region. Adhering to the noble values of the Baath Party, Syrian people and army are determined to  achieve complete victory and uproot terrorism from all the Syrian territories and restore full sovereignty over the Syrian Arab soil.