US Sinister Objectives

The illegal US military existence in Syria has several menacing objectives, mainly prolonging the crisis in Syria, undermining the political solution of the crisis, serving the Zionist agenda and weakening the resistance axis against Israel.

Another important  reason for targeting Syria is the existence of huge natural resources in its land and sea. The Americans maintain their presence east of Euphrates River because the biggest oil and gas wells in Syria are located in that area.

 About 29 resolutions on Syria have been adopted by the UN Security Council and all of them stress all parties’ commitment to the Syrian state’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity in accordance with the UN Charter and its principles.

These resolutions entitle the Syrian people  to question the actions taken by the UN Security Council to guarantee these objectives set by the founders in order to achieve peace, security and stability in the world.

The US preserved part of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization in Syria to employ it in its aggressive scheme against Syria. The US military troops did not leave the area after the elimination of Daesh terrorist organization in it; rather it preserved part of Daesh terrorists in the north and east of Syria and provided a safe shelter for them to implement the US scheme in Syria.

The presence of the US military troops contradicts what Washington stated when it claimed that its troops’ presence is linked to the elimination of terrorism.

The unilateral acts of the USA constitute a threat on Syria’s territorial integrity. 

The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in several occasions that the presence of US troops in Syria is to combat the terrorist organization of Daesh yet the latest US acts and what we hear of new objectives on staying in the country for keeping up with the political process stir doubts that it aims to stay in the country for a long period of time .The Americans have taken dangerous unilateral steps in the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, which seems to be an approach for undermining Syria’s territorial integrity.

The recent barbaric crimes carried out by forces of the so-called “international coalition” led by the US on the northeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor reveals the real purpose of this alliance and Washington’s role in supporting Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization.

Within the framework of its aggressive policy against the Syrian Arab Republic, forces of the US-led coalition  recently committed brutal massacres against Syrian popular forces which were confronting Daesh, that still maintains a presence under the protection of the coalition and its militias in the area between the villages of Khasham and al-Tabiya in the northeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. US aircrafts have targeted popular forces which were in a clash with Daesh terrorists, claiming the lives of dozens, injuring many others and causing massive damage in the area.

The coalition aggression, which represents a war crime and a crime against humanity and a direct support to terrorism, affirms the nature of the sinister US intentions against the sovereignty of Syria, the unity of its land and people and the US exploitation of the pretext of fighting terrorism to establish illegal bases on the Syrian territory.

This illegitimate presence is undoubtedly aims to continuing the support provided to Daesh and illegal militias, as well, to establish safe areas for them and obstructing any real and serious effort to combat terrorism in addition to prolonging the crisis extent in Syria to serve its interests and those of Israel and its agents of terrorists and murderers.

The  UNSC should condemn the massacres committed by the US and its allies and hold the international coalition responsible for the killing and wounding of thousands of civilians, including children, women and elderly and to pay compensation to the families of the victims. The US-led coalition should be dissolved as it is a force of protection and support to terrorism.

The US presence in Syria violates the UNSC Resolution No. 2254 which provides for preserving Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, not to mention the 2nd article of the UN Charter which stipulates for respecting sovereign equality of all UN members, mutual non-use of military force, and non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs.

In addition to their violations of the UN Charter provisions to implement their agendas at the expense of the Syrian people and their future, the US, France and Britain have made every effort to undermine Syria and its people and exploit media to reach this end, distort the reality of what is happening and misleading the public opinion regarding the humanitarian suffering of civilians due to the practices of armed terrorist groups which used them as human shields and controlled schools and hospitals and turned them into military points, jails for abductees and bases for firing mortar shells on safe areas.