In real dimensions

The impact of the external factor on the crisis in Syria has not been as it is during this period. The talk about fighting terrorism and was the most prominent headline of the speech, and with the decline in the level of terrorist and violent acts.

In addition to the convening of the Sochi Conference on National Dialogue and the outcome of the political solution in these climates, which call for optimism towards the end of the crisis, we see the escalation in the Western discourse, particularly  the American attitude towards the Syrian government. The false accusations about use of chemical weapons and the threat of military aggression are the example.

It is quite clear to every observer of the events that there is no genuine will and sincere desire by many regional and international powers and other parties to reach a political solute; hence, prolonging the crisis is one of the most important means of achieving  this.

The obstruction of efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis means pushing the military option and the escalation in the field and making room for the revitalization of terrorist organizations or work on rehabilitating them under another name.

The investment in the blood of the Syrians and the conspiracy on the unity of their country, identity and affiliation has become more evident than ever.


Dr.Khalaf al-Miftah

E&T: Lama Razzok