US false allegations

Over the past five years, the US, its Western allies and regional tools, have been fabricating lies with regard to the use of chemical weapons by claiming that the Syrian Arab army was using chemical weapons against Syrian people. The aim behind these false allegations is to halt any progress realized with regards to resolving the Syrian crisis peacefully through conducting an inter Syrian dialogue. The US and its allies also aim to hindering any progress achieved by the Syrian Arab army in its battle to uproot takfiri terrorism from the Syrian territories, especially in light of the sweeping victories realized by the Syrian Arab army and its allies against terrorist groups and their supporters.

The US approach depends on procrastination with regard to the investigations into chemical attacks on Syria. The US lays charges without evidence or investigation. The US works on stopping investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

The latest US statements on the use of chemical weapons in Syria are categorically rejected. The lies and allegations made by the US State Secretary and French Foreign Minister about the use of chemical weapons are part of the methodical policy against Syria. Syria has always been fully cooperative and provided all that is necessary to conduct an unbiased, objective, and professional investigation into the use of chemical weapons, while the West was the one to obstruct this investigation and exercised various types of pressure on investigation teams to politicize it, because a transparent and objective investigation would not serve the West’s agenda in Syria; rather it will reveal its confirmed complicity with terrorist groups by covering up those groups’ use of chemical weapons in order to accuse the Syrian government of their use.

The history of the US and its Western partners is common with such lies and fabrications, and what happened in Iraq hasn’t been forgotten. Those who promote and fabricate such lies and overstep the jurisdiction of the relevant international organizations and pressure them to serve their own agenda have no credibility or any moral and legal criteria to appoint themselves judges; rather they are the ones who should be accused and held accountable for their lies and crimes.

Raqqa city is a living testimony to the barbaric crimes of the West which is intent on destroying Syria and shedding Syrian blood. The US-led coalition’s crime of destroying the city of Raqqa, is a striking example of the US savagery.  Another example is the recent carnage perpetrated by the US coalition against the Syrian Arab army and the popular forces stationed in Deir Ezour. This new massacre reveals the nature and objectives of the US coalition, namely offering support to terrorist groups and obstruct any solution for the Syrian crisis.  It’s hardly surprising to see the Western states hostile towards Syria issuing such accusations and fabricated lies just a few days before the convening of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi, as these states have always done that prior to any political initiative is held in a bid to obstruct any effort that would contribute to finding a way out of the crisis in Syria. The Western  “lies” aim at obstructing any effort toward finding a way out of the crisis in Syria. Washington is trying to derail the objective investigation into the chemical attacks as it is not interested in identifying those who are truly responsible for the attacks.

A number of US high ranking officials recently directed false charges to Russia and Syria in an attempt to blame Moscow and Damascus for the use of chemical weapons. A huge propaganda campaign is being launched with the aim of defaming Russia on the international arena and undermining the efforts exerted to reach a peaceful settlement to the crisis in Syria.

The so-called “International Partnership against Impunity for the Use of Chemical Weapons” launched by the US and France is an attempt to replace the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the formation of a new anti-Damascus bloc by using lies.

The  French and US initiative aims at complicating Sochi Congress, which aims at supporting the UN-backed Geneva talks, and this will completely halt the dialogue process in Syria since it doesn’t suit the US desire. Russia specifically is the one who calls for a comprehensive and integrated investigation into all incidents of using chemical weapons in Syria and everywhere regardless of who used such weapons. The US considers that it is the only right one and there couldn’t be any other view on what is taking place in Syria and on the level of the world.

  The fabricated allegations made by the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations against Syria and Russia on the pretext of disrupting the international mechanisms to investigate the use of toxic chemicals come in the framework of “covering terrorist groups,” supported by known countries. The policy of directing such accusations against the Syrian government completely ignores the proven fact that Syria was the first to initiate an investigation into the incidents of the use of poisonous gases by armed terrorist groups, backed by the US, Western countries and Saudi Arabia.

The US officials' statements also ignore repeated attempts by the Syrian government to inform the world of the crimes committed and still being carried out by armed terrorist groups and their supporters against innocent citizens through the use of poisonous chemicals on more than one occasion. The statements also disregards the evidence provided by the Syrian government to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the Joint Investigation Mechanism (JIM) that proved the possession of these groups of prohibited substances.

The US claim that Russia, which has helped set up the Mechanism, “has killed it” contradicts with the reality that proves the US and its allies are the ones who ended its task when the Mechanism refused to visit Khan Sheikhoun, and instead, it depended on fabrications of western countries.

Instead of practicing this cheap method of misleading and empty statements, the US Permanent Representative should criticize the administrations of her country, which violated the UN Security Council resolutions that affirmed the commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.