America and Iran

The American hostility to the revolution and Iranian government is not new. The United States has taken an aggressive stance since 1979 because the Iranian revolution moved Iran from the American-Israeli camp to the other side.

And took positions opposing American and Israeli interests and supporting the resistance movements in the world, especially the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance. In addition, the Iranian Revolution has put its hand on the sources of wealth in its country to adopt and invest in internal construction which made Iran a major regional power.

America has tried to pressure Iran and weaken it by several means, including military, and economically, and resorted to the method of internal incitement and try to stir up unrest in the country and today is trying to invest what is happening but all these attempts had been failed And will fail as in previous years.

The national immunity and the strength of the Iranians is the basis in the face of any challenges, regardless of its size and nature.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been able to achieve qualitative achievements in terms of building a strong and self-reliant state with an independent national decision that enabled it to play a prominent regional and international role and place it on the world political map.

The American incitement to the Iranian government and seeking to internationalize the issue is an interference in the internal affairs of Iran and violation of the rules of international law, and no doubt that this matter will be a failure in terms of Iran street which  is fully aware of the fact that America is hostile to the revolution.

Dr.Khalaf al-Miftah

E&T: Lama Razzok