More Than A Scenario!

The forces that targeted the Syrian State used all possible means only to overthrow its political system and destroy its military, economic and human structure and make Syria divided and in conflict.

This is part of a project that included many countries of the region, which was adopted by the American administrations as strategies related to the Middle East region in general and the Arab region particularly.

Despite of all forms and methods of military aggression, including economic, media, acts of incitement, the Syrian State was able by its Army, sacrifices, President and people. In addition, the support of friends and allies to confront the aggressive project and prevent it from achieving its great goals.

Finding justifications for continuation of aggression, war and conflicts in Syria and elsewhere has become a clear issue, the evidenced of that is the statements of the American administration and some of its allies, which mean that we are facing multi-purpose project.

The state of division in the countries of the region and the lack of coordination between them created the great vacuum that allowed the Western hegemony projects as to try restoring colonialism under the false pretexts of democracy and human rights.


Dr.Khalaf al-Miftah

E&T: Lama Razzok