Subversive role

From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, Erdogan and his ilk have been playing subversive role represented by hosting terrorists from various parts of the world, training them and exporting them to Syria to kill innocent Syrian people and destroy Syria's infrastructure.

De-escalation zone agreements reached in Astana meetings do not legitimize the existence of any Turkish force on the Syrian territories. These agreements constituted an opportunity for the Turkish side and Erdogan’s government which guarantee the armed terrorist groups to retreat from their position in support of terrorism and stop arming, financing and supplying terrorists and sending them to Syria which will help restoring security to these areas.

 The agreement on establishing a de-escalation zone in Idlebcity is temporary deal that aims at reviving the ancient Damascus-Hama-Aleppo road which will contribute to reducing the suffering of civilians and facilitate movement to Aleppo and neighboring areas.

The policies of the Turkish regime will later harm the unity and territorial integrity of Turkey and destabilize the region as a whole.The incursion of Turkish forces into Idlebcity is a blatant aggression against the Syrian sovereignty and safety, and a grave breach of international law.Turkey’s conduct is at variance with the commitments it made during Astana talks and the points that have been agreed upon, contrary to the Turkish regime claims.  The Turkish incursion on the Syrian territory in Idlebcity constitutes a blatant aggression against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and a flagrant violation of international law and norms. The Turkish aggression endangers the Syrian people and has nothing to do with what has been agreed upon by the guarantors’ states in Astana.

There should be an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Turkish troops from the Syrian territories. The Turkish incursion into the Syrian territories affirms the standing relations between the Turkish regime and the terrorist groups which shed the Syrians’ blood, destabilize the region and threaten regional and international peace.The Turkish troops dashed into Idlebcity accompanied by Jabhat a-Nusra terrorists which shows clearly the close relationship between Turkish regime and terrorist groups, a matter that the international community should pay more attention to and take firm stance in order to oblige Turkey to end its support to terrorism which managed to shed the blood of Syrian people and destabilize the region and the entire world.An immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Turkish troops from the Syrian territories should be implemented soon as this aggression cannot be justified in any way.

Turkey’s  provocative acts include occupying Syrian land, using armed force and supporting the armed terrorist groups in terms of harboring, training and arming them, in addition to the Turkish regime’s policy of building walls that has already started in several areas along the Syrian border, cutting off vast parts of the Syrian territory at the expense of the Syrian farmers in those areas.

Erdogan’s acts grossly contravene the international legitimacy, the goals and principles of the UN Charter and the resolutions of the international Security Council that affirm the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria.The new Turkish aggression came in the framework of the subversive role the Turkish government is playing in Syria, and makes Turkey a main partner in the terrorism and conspiring that is targeting Syria in a way that poses a serious threat to the regional and international security and stability, at a time when the international community knows very well that the situation in the region cannot afford any more complexity, terrorism or destruction.

The continued silence of the Security Council towards such practices and policies carried out by the regime of RecepTayyipErdogan would further embolden this regime to continue defying the will of the international community that seeks to put a quick end to the crisis in Syria and to restore security and stability to this region.Syria will not waive its right to preserve its independence and territorial integrity and it will not halt its war to eradicate terrorism wherever it exists and whoever supports it. Syrian  people and armed forces are determined to defend each inch of its territory and continue facing the Takfiri terrorism that is supported and endorsed by Erdogan’s regime with all possible means.