Challenges must be met

The victory over terrorism is a great matter in terms of the fact that it has been used to achieve many and varied goals.

The first of these goals is striking and fragmentation of the national state. Although the nature of the composition of societies in our Arab region and the region in general is based on a variety of affiliations, whether religious or sectarian or ethnic as involuntary affiliations, but that did not collide historically with the identity under which these groups joined.

Although the history of the region has seen some clashes between some components, everyone knows that it would not have happened without the external incitement and the interests of the great powers that dominated and colonized the countries of the region for short periods in history and their adoption on the basis of "divide and rule".

The Western project that targeted the countries of the region since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 so far has started from the idea of weakening the national state by destroying its armies and seeking to collapse its central authority and render it incapable of carrying out its duties and to protect the country's security.

There is no doubt that access to this situation will give way for the launch of all forms of sub-national discourse that these groups are trying to settle and devote to the consciousness of the people in order to collide and contradict with the national discourse and  identity.

The natural, logical and historical response to such challenges facing our peoples, our countries and our societies is by adhering to the identity. This is accompanied by re-examination of the national discourse that reflects the interests of the nation.


Dr.Khalaf al-Miftah

E&T: Lama Razzok