Two Schools of Great Diplomacy

Doubtfully, the latest US president's speech at the United Nations and his language of threat towards Iran and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), shows clearly the state of hysteria of the US president Donald Trump. But these threats had no practical resonance for the two countries. In other words DPRK continues to develop its own weapons in light of the American threats, as well as the situation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which appears to be continuing to produce sophisticated weapons that protect its national security in light of the ongoing American and Israeli threats to confront these two great states.

The US administration's belief that the language of threat, and economic sanctions is the most effective way to dominate other countries, is a false policy that gets no proof. For the US blockade on Cuba 60 years ago did not weaken Cuba or subject it to successive US administrations, on the contrary it made it stronger, as in the case with other countries that have adopted policies based on their national interests.

US President Donald Trump's speech and threats to Korea and Iran have been strongly criticized by most countries including the US European allies and even inside the US. The threat language of Trump seems so provocative and futile that recalls the period of unilateral polarity when the US accounted for the international decision and dominated international organizations, including the Security Council. This case may be considered an emergency one in our history, based on balance and duality rather than exclusiveness and hegemony. The current reality is moving towards greater partnership in leading the world through new powers of immigration outside the framework of the European and American continents. This means that the world is living the first steps to form a new international system with the US, not as a leader but as a key partner.

Both Korea and Iran have responded to the US shout in further strengthening their military capabilities, indeed this is the correct action and the right decision because the facts prove that the military power is the only path to protect the sovereignty and national security of the countries. This military force which is capable of deterrence and the sincere national will of peoples are the only way for protecting States from the external danger. In politics there is no room for shouting and threats and this is what the Arabs must realize in a time where they are going through very difficult historical circumstances through the unprecedented targeting of their countries and their national existence. They have to reconsider their incorrect policies, where they live in a state of division and hostility.


Dr.Khalaf al-Miftah

E&T: M.Wassouf