Mosul victory

The great victory achieved against ISIS in Mosul is considered a great incentive for both Syria and Iraq to press ahead in  eliminating the ISIS and other terrorist groups completely.The Syrian people and army are going ahead alongside the Iraqi people and army, and PMU to eradicate what remains of ISIS, because the mobilization of the joint efforts of the two countries is the main factor to guarantee that ISIS or any other form of terrorism will not return to these two countries or any other part of the region.

 Mosul victory is a victory for all those who believe that eradicating takfiri terrorism is  the first step to restore security and stability to the Arab region.

Syrian people, who have always believed in solidarity between Syria and Iraq in the common war on terrorism, are very proud of the great sacrifices offered by the Iraqi people, army and PMU to achieve this triumph.The collapse of the alleged ISIS “state” in Mosul is just the beginning of the collapse of the fantasies of terrorists and all those providing financial and military support to them.

According to the statistics provided by the United Nations, about 100,000 civilians were trapped in the Old City before the start of battle. They were often used as human shields, as terrorists often hid among the civilians and launch deadly attacks to repel the advancing Iraqi forces.The city's basic infrastructure has also been hard hit, with six western districts almost completely destroyed by ISIS terrorists, and initial repairs expected to cost more than one billion US dollars.

The recapture of Mosul does not however mark the end of the threat posed by ISIS, which holds territory elsewhere in Iraq and is able to carry out frequent bombings in government-held areas.

The victory is worth celebrating. The battle of Mosul once again highlights the importance of strengthening anti-terrorism cooperation and coordination between Syrian and Iraqi armies to press ahead with the battle eliminating of all kinds of takfiri terrorism.

After more than two years, the Iraqi army have recovered most of the area of Salahuddinarea (north of the capital of Iraq Baghdad) and most areas of Anbar city (the largest governorate in Iraq by area.)

The victory of the battle of Mosul will also have a positive impact on the situation in the Middle East.The situation in the Middle East has always been complicated as various interests and contradictions are intertwined.If the parties concerned can learn from the successful experience of the battle of Mosul and work together, they will achieve greater progress in anti-terrorism in the Middle East.

The liberation of Mosul from the grip of DaeshTakfiri terrorist group sounded the death knell for the divisive plots hatched by the US and its regional allies. The move to drive out the mercenaries of the US and reactionary countries in the region from Iraq would be repeated in Syria and Yemen as well as other war-stricken states.

Violent terrorism in the region is not something different from US proxy wars and this is the reason that the terrorists’ defeat in major parts of Iraq, particularly in Mosul, is regarded as the US Zionist defeat in the region and this means the victory of resistance axis.