The will of the political solution

The Syrian dialogue in Geneva, which is concerned with finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria can’t reach positive results if it does not start from discussing needs and desires of the Syrians.

To reach these results requires political will from the parties of the dialogue and the regional and international forces involved in the crisis. Without this willing, the Geneva dialogues will remain in vain.

The talk of the representative of the United Nations Stephane de Mistura about the delegation of the Syrian opposition in the coming sessions will not be useful as long as the opposition parties are moved and influenced by the will of external forces and their agendas and priorities.

Because the basis of success is to start from the wishes of the Syrians and their interests in Eliminating terrorism as to return the normal life to Syria and to lift economic sanctions on the Syrian people, especially that the international reports indicate that the Syrian economy losses increased daily by the terrorism against Syrian people and its national institutions, public and private and others.

There are clear signs related to the external agendas and the ambitions of some forces in Syria and the region in general, especially the Israeli factor.


Dr. Khalaf Al-muftah

Edited and translated by:  L. Razzok