US President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia received unprecedented attention from the global and regional media and some tried to portray it as historical Saudi achievement .But this visit was invested in the media to enhance Saudi image after being shaken because of its war in Yemen and its involvement in the aggression and terrorism against Syria for more than six years.

Anyone who sees the situation in Saudi Arabia and the condition of American presidency, especially during President Trump period, discovers that there are common denominators between them. The American president is facing large campaigns inside the US, especially from the media, which accuses him of his weak political experience and questions about his winning in the elections.

On the other side the Saudi government is facing a difficult situation on the political and economic levels in terms of its involvement in the war against Yemen.

So the two sides , Saudi Arabia and American interior, suffer from Internal problems but if we look deep into American Policy, we notice that Trump deals with the countries of the world as a businessman, not a politician and all his concern from this visit is to sign weapon deals and not to fight against terrorism.

 But the real problem is that Saudi Arabia repeats the same deadly mistakes against its people without learning a lesson from history, it is busy in Trump’s visit ignoring the noble national goal of Arab unity and standing with other Arab countries againtst terrorism and Western colonial policies.


Dr. Khalaf Al-muftah

Edited and translated by:  L. Razzok