US aggression against Syria a “generous gift” to the terrorists

From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the US support for the takfiri terrorists has been crystal clear through providing them with weapons to kill Syrian people and destroy Syria's infrastructure.

The US stance was and remains committed to supporting the terrorists in Syria to achieve the Israeli goals and to weaken Syria. The US Congress has just passed a bill allowing Washington  to send shoulder-mounted anti-air systems to terrorists in Syria.

The main objective of the  US aggression on Syria is to weaken the Syrian Arab Army. The United States threatens security and peace not only in the region but also in the world which will have serious repercussions on the international situation.


The US aggression came after the failure of the recent aggression by Israel on Syria and these two aggressions cannot be separated from each other. This new aggression comes in the service of the terrorist organizations that began to suffer from the painful blows directed by the Syrian Arab Army recently.

The US aggression against Syria contradicts the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter and the role of the United States as a permanent member at the UN Security Council meant to maintain international peace and security, not to mention that such attacks threaten to spread chaos all over the world.

It is well known that those who used and stockpiled such weapons in many parts of Syria are armed terrorist groups, cooperating with or under the cover of a number of regimes in the region and outside it, including the regimes of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and some European countries that ignored all facts and documented information about the using of chemical weapons by terrorists many times in different parts of Syria.

What happened in Khan Shaikhoun was a deliberate act aimed at justifying the United States’ strikes against the Syrian Arab Army, which has responded and will continue to confront terrorism.

The real objective of the US aggression against Syria is to weaken the Syrian Arab Army in confronting terrorist groups and it’s in the interests of Israel and the terrorist organizations of Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS, which are used by the United States to achieve its objectives in Syria, adding that this is not the first time that the US has resorted to aggression against Syrian army, which is considered with its allies and friends the real force in fighting terrorism in Syria and the region.

The US, which leads an alleged anti-terrorist coalition, killed hundreds of Syrian civilians as acknowledged by the US military command itself and the confessions of other countries in the coalition. The coalition raids also destroyed many Syrian infrastructure facilities, bridges, hospitals, and schools.   

The blatant US aggression on Syria is a continuation of erroneous US strategy that started six years ago and that provides all sorts of support to terrorists. This aggression sends the wrong message to terrorists as it will encourage them to use chemical weapons in the future.

The barbaric US aggression that targeted a Syrian Arab Army airbase in the central region on April 7th 2017 is a serious breach of the UN Charter and all international laws and norms.

The US tried to justify this aggression using flimsy arguments and fabricated pretexts claiming that the Syrian Arab Army used chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun without bothering to find out the truth of what happened and who is responsible for it.

This pretext was promoted by terrorists and their masters in Washington, Ankara, Riyadh, Doha, Tel Aviv, London, and Paris along with their media outlets. This aggression sends the wrong message to terrorists as it will encourage them to use chemical weapons in the future. Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIS, and other terror groups affiliated to them began wide-scale attacks in several areas in Syria after this aggression, but the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are repelling them.

The US  aggression aimed at saving Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists following the massive losses they suffered due to the strikes directed against them by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in the central region after they attacked safe towns and villages in it.