Turkey can’t play both roles of supporting terrorism& fighting it simultaneously

Despite the keenness of the Syrian government delegation to make Astana and Geneva talks a successin a way that would serve Syria’s higher national interests, it is very difficult to achieve success in these talks, because one of the states that claims to be among the guarantors of the talks is hindering the achievement of any tangible progress. Turkey can’t play both roles of causing a fire and fighting it at the same time. Turkey is now playing the role of causing fire and must withdraw its invasive forces from Syria and respect the statement of Astana 1 meeting that stressed the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

Turkey is also supporting terrorist organizations, especially al-Nosra Front and other al-Qa'eda affiliated groups which carried out  terrorist attacks in Damascus,Homs and other Syrian  cities claiming the lives of scores of innocent people.

The moment of truth has come where the international community, particularly the Security Council, is proved lingering in doing what is necessary to unify the efforts aimed at fighting terrorism that continues to claim the lives of more innocent Syrians.This momentnecessitates that the United Nations work on compelling Turkey and other  governments that are backing the terrorist organizations to stop their violations of the international law and the UN Charter, put an end to the crimes of the terrorist organizations affiliated to them and fully abide by the UN resolutions and those of the Security Council on counterterrorism.

The belated arrival of the Turkish and armed groups delegations in the Kazakh capital in the previous round of talks is a proof of their lack of seriousness in form and in terms of their clear will to hinder and foil Astana meeting. The Turkish delegation also came with a low-level representation that is not up to the position of Turkey which claims to be one of the three guarantor countries. Russia and Iran as guarantor countries and Kazakhstan as the host country have succeeded in undermining the attempts aimed at bringing efforts at Astana back to square one.That is in terms of form. However, in terms of the substance,  Turkey is the one responsible for the violations of the Syrian sovereignty. Turkey has failed to commit to controlling a border line of 910 km in light of its responsibility to do so, but has rather facilitated the entry of tens of thousands of mercenary terrorists from all corners of the world into Syria across the shared border. Decisive measures should be taken to close the Turkish border in the face of the flow of terrorists into Syria.

The Turkish regime is responsible for supporting terrorism, which killed tens of thousands of innocent people and destroyed Syria’s infrastructure upon direct instructions from President of the Turkish regime  RecepTayyip Erdogan and his  security apparatus.

The Security Council and the international community should oblige Turkey to withdraw its invading forces, stop the attacks and to maintain security and stability in the region and the world.

The blind Turkish polices are represented by invading more Syrian territory and killing more Syrian citizens by the Turkish army.The Turkish forces that exist illegally in the Syrian territory opened artillery fires and fired rockets on sites affiliated to the Syrian Arab Army and the supporting forces nearby Manbij city in the countryside of Aleppo.Any attempt to cover the Turkish blatant attacks on Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity will keep the flames erupted in the area in the interest of the terrorist groups and those who stand behind them such as the regimes of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Attending the current talks by the armed factions isn’t their choice, but it depends on the decision of those who support them. The issue is related to Turkey. This means that Turkey must be one that is asked about the non-attendance or participation of these armed groups.