On March Revolution’s Anniversary, Syrians Are Determined to Foil Conspiracy

March 8th Revolution is an important turning point  in the modern history of Syrian people.  On March 8th 1963, Syrian people revolted against attempts to marginalize Syria’s pan-Arab role in defence of the Arab causes. The Revolution was strong reply to the secession of the first unity in the modern Arab history, namely the Syrian-Egyptian unity which was broken up by the enemies of the Syrian people in cooperation with some local reactionary forces that were linked to colonialist forces at that time. 

History repeats itself. The forces that conspired against Syria in the past are now trying to revive their colonialist dreams through hatching a global conspiracy against Syrian people with the aim of diverting Syria from its firm principles in confronting the colonialist and Zionist projects in the region. Syria’s enemies have been conspiring against Syria with the aim of undermining the Revolution’s pan-Arab project of democracy and unity.

 March 8th Revolution has advocated the principles of struggle against colonialism not only in the Arab region but in the world as a whole. The Revolution urges for bolstering work and enhancing efforts on the local, Arab and international arenas as to combat terrorism and confront all challenges imposed by colonialist projects in the region.

 The current developments in the region did not undermine the will of the March Revolution, as Syria is confronting the biggest aggression perpetrated by the US, its Western allies and regional and Arab tools. The current situation in the country proves that the global war against the Syrian people, army and leadership aims at undermining the principles of the March Revolution and making Syria abandon its unwavering national and pan-Arab stands in  confrontation of the Zionist projects.

Syrian people, who have been adhering to the noble principles of the March Revolution and the sublime values of the Correction Movement, are confident of victory against the conspiracy which is considered a continuity of the conspiracies which were concocted against Syrian and Arab people since the beginning of the 20th century. What makes the Syrians believe that the plot will be foiled is the Syrian Arab army that is protecting the homeland and eradicating terrorists as to preserve Syria as a free, independent country and immune to foreign intervention. The Syrian army, which was one of the great achievements of the March Revolution and the Correction Movement, is achieving tangible and substantive progress in clearing Syrian cities of terrorism through targeting terrorists who were exported to Syria from over 83 states to destroy Syria’s infrastructure and kill Syrian people.

The plot will be foiled because of the awareness of the Syrians and their adherence to national unity in addition to their support to its army, under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

The March revolution is a renewable process that cannot be destroyed or undermined thanks to the high awareness of Syrian people and their determination to protect the sovereignty of their country and the independence of their decision.