Terrorism is but terrorism

Terrorism has no homeland; wherever it exists, it has the same tools and destruction, whatever its name and color are. However, the important question remains: is terrorism allowed in one country and prohibited or undesirable in another? terrorism must be fought and isolated in any country in the world and that all countries and peoples should cooperate to combat and surround it wherever it exists.

What is happening  now is that politics plays a big role in using  terrorism as a weapon to fight peoples, although, by the ultimate end  this dangerous weapon ends up in exploding in  the face  of its  supporters at any time without permission or notice.

Qatar, the «petrodollar» state supports and funds terrorism in Syria in order to please its American master, and its European followers helped to that by Erdogan of Turkey. Similarly, Qatar  also supports  and funds terrorism in Mali, but this time behind the backs of its masters, who do not accept rather  condemn it in a paradox  that sometimes seems difficult for the  mind to understand or accept.

Is what we hear about the connection between terrorism and  those States confuses things in the mind about what is happening these days  in the world and in Syria,  in particular.?

Why the West keeps a blind eye off terrorism in Syria , and supports funds and pushes it across the border, especially the Turkish border, and at the same time a high voice is heard in Washington, London and Paris to fight terrorism in Mali ,considering it a threat to world peace?

Do terrorists in Mali share labels and objectives with terrorism coming to Syria from outside its borders, or not?

Then why such duplicity in dealing with such a big and dangerous issue to this extent does exist!

Perhaps the  nearest  answer  comes in   what we know about the big colonial powers of  pursuing doubled standards in dealing with Arab issues, in return for  full support to Israel. It is evident that history has never known a dispute in which the West side by people and their legitimate rights.  Rather, it is always work for its own interest and does not shy away to do anything for that, even if it is through terrorism. 

Doubled standards in this matter will destroy world peace; Western countries and the USA tasted and tested in its long-term involvement in the Afghani issue. They lost a lot for pursuing this policy. . . When  they will understand that terrorism is but terrorism  which has no country, no religion, affecting  its backers, the same as  its  opponents, but, this time , according to terrorism agenda this time , conditions are appropriate  to pounce on its supporters and sponsors. The   experience in Afghanistan and the resulting fallout is the best example!!

Ahmed Orabi Baaj