Maintaining Security and Safety, Army’s Main Task

Undoubtedly, Syria’s political decision and the main task and doctrine of our brave Syrian Army is to restore all Syrian areas that were controlled by the terrorist groups in the last six years.

The Syrian Army, with the support of all allies intends not to  stop pursuit the terrorist groups wherever they are, the Army's main task is to eliminate terrorism from all Syrian territories and restore the legitimate authority where the government's establishments return working. The thing which permits Syria to return a secure and stable country, the thing which reflects security to the whole region, this is the fact that the world began to realize very well.


Thus, talking about a cease fire and military operations with some of terrorist groups is related to special time and conditions. In other words, all parties must gather on   isolating  Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra in order to direct all possible efforts to defeat these two groups till realize eliminating terrorism in all its forms. Certainly, this will lead to create an appropriate environment for a political process in which all the oppositions that choose to participate in the political dialogue in finding a consensual solution to the crisis in Syria. Of course, this solution must depend on Syrian's will in accordance with the constitutional mechanism without foreign interference that will certainly lead to foil it.