Erdogan presses ahead with his sinister role

The sinister Turkish role in the Syrian crisis has been crystal clear from the very beginning of the crisis. Apart from funding, arming and training takfiri terrorists coming from different parts of the world, Erdogan and his ilk ordered the Turkish army to attack the Syrian territories in support of the ISIS and al-Nosra terrorists.The declared policy of the Turkish government represents a real aggression against a member state of the United Nations. The move is a blatant violation of the United Nations charter, which stipulates respect for the national sovereignty of states and non-interference in their domestic affairs.

Turkey’s heinous crimes and attacks against the Syrian people and violations of the sanctity and unity of Syria’s territory have been recurrent in a flagrant violation of the UN charter and all international norms.The UN Security Council should make Turkey stop its violations against Syria and oblige it to implement the UNSC’s resolutions related to combating terrorism.

The Security Council should assume its responsibilities in preserving international peace and security and put an end to the violations which the Turkish regime is committing against the Syrian people.These attacks came in continuation of the Turkish regime’s aggression on Syria for more than five years, which includes providing various forms of military, material and logistic support to the terrorist organizations, bringing foreign terrorists, facilitating their entry into Syria and setting up training camps for them on Turkish soil under direct Turkish intelligence supervision and providing arms and fire cover to the terrorist groups fighting inside Syria.

It is no secret that the Turkish regime is building a wall inside the Syrian lands at the expense of the owners of those lands in violation of the principle of good–neighborly relations.

The Turkish troops’ incursion into the Syrian territories over the past few weeks and their occupation of some Syrian villages, including the villages of al-Ghouz and Abu Zibdin west of al-Bab city in northern Aleppo with the aim of advancing towards it run contrary to UN resolutions. These attacks pose a threat to the international peace and security in the framework of the exposed role played by the Turkish regime in supporting terrorism.

The Turkish regime’s forces committed a massacre in the course of their continued shelling of al-Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo city.Artillery and Air Force of the Turkish regime shelled residential neighborhoods in al-Bab city, leaving 24 people dead.The attack caused huge damage to the locals’ houses and other properties and the infrastructure in the city.On January 11, 9 people were killed and 57 others were injured in the course of the Turkish forces’ attack on al-Bab city and the towns of Baza’a and Tadef in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo.Two other massacres were also committed by the Turkish forces on December 23 in which more than 88 civilians were killed and scores of others injured in al-Bab city.

Erdogan is responsible for all the blood that is shed in Syria because he provided all kinds of direct and indirect military support to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.Erdogan will be tried in the international courts because of his involvement in Syria dangerously.Turkey can’t play both roles of causing a fire and fighting it at the same time. Turkey is now playing the role of causing fire and must withdraw its invasive forces from Syria and respect the statement of Astana 1 meeting that stressed the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

Turkey and other countries were also required in the draft resolution to respect the resolutions of the UN Security Council regarding counterterrorism. The resolution also demanded that all countries must prevent and stop the flow of terrorists and the illegal transfer of arms and relevant equipment into Syria.This attitude shows that the Western countries  have been conspiring against Syria and provided all forms of support to the terrorists. Those countries have evaded their responsibilities in respecting the Security Council’s resolutions on combating terrorism, including resolution No. 2253, which has led to prolonging the crisis in Syria and spreading terrorism in the region and the world.