European visitshelp public opinion get a clearer image

The European MPs, journalists, and university professors have been invited to visit Syria to have a firsthand experience of what is going in there and convey what they see back to their governments, highlighting the importance of restoring the European states’ diplomatic relations with Syria.The European visits to Syria and their mingling with the Syrian people have been very helpful and will contribute to helping the public opinion get a clearer image to face the lies being fabricated in Europe on the events in Syria.

These delegations have discovered that the European governments picked the wrong side in the war in Syria, having stood by and supported the Wahhabi takfiriterrorists instead of siding by the legitimate Syrian government and army which is fighting terrorists on behalf of the whole world.

 The European intellectualshave warned that the terrorism in Syria would backfire on its supporters and would strike Europe and the US, and this what has actually happened when takfiri terrorists targeted several European capitals, including Paris and Brussels claiming the lives of scores of innocent people.

The European delegations who visited Aleppo recently  emphasized that victory against the terrorists in Aleppo will help open the European politician’s eyes to the facts and drive them to change their current approach towards the events in Syria.

The delegations' visit to Aleppo aims at inspecting firsthand the situation on the ground away from the false picture promoted by some Western media outlets so that to convey the real image to the  European public opinion.

The policies of the Western and European governments have intentionally ignored the suffering of the Syrian people under the Wahhabi terrorism that aims at destroying the diverse social fabric of the Syrian society.

 The delegation members pointed out that they will try to convoy the Syrians’ message to the European people when they are back in their country, noting that the Europeans have become convinced that the events in the region will reflect negatively on Europe unless everybody come together to face them and solve them.They highlighted the need to look for a better European role.They will pressure the European Parliament and the international organizations in which they work to lift the economic embargo imposed on Syria, noting that they witnessed during their visits to hospitals and housing centers that the embargo is affecting the Syrian people directly.

During their visits, European MPs and intellectuals stressed the need to unite efforts to fight terrorism in Syria, as the Wahabi terrorists who are backed by Arab Gulf states and Turkey want to destroy Syria and its, history, civilization and secular  values.

The visitors discovered that many states practiced erroneous policies towards Syria, primarily Turkey which facilitated the movement of terrorists through its borders and funded and armed them, referring that Turkish President RecepTayyipErdogan is a true dictator whose actions will harm the Turkish people and the world as a whole.

The visiting delegations have found out that the Western economic sanctions on Syria are an act of “dictatorship” and harsh violence against the Syrian people because they have affected the humanitarian and livelihood aspects of their lives denying them access to medicines and food.They described the Western sanctions imposed on Syria as “stupid”, stressing that they will work in cooperation with the European parliamentarians to help efforts to have the sanctions lifted to enable hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees to return to their country and contribute to reconstruction there.They hailed the reconciliation agreements achieved by the Syrian state, affirming that these reconciliations are a proof of wisdom and power.

 By adopting this policy, Europe has isolated itself and undermined every possible role it could play in this regard and has also harmed the interests of its people through it having supported organizations that have practiced all forms of terror against the Syrian people.

The delegation members pointed out that the success in eliminating terrorism in Syria would definitely lead to curbing its spread in the whole world.The European figures clarified that the public opinion in a large number of European countries is witnessing a remarkable shift in their attitude towards what is happening in Syria, especially in Aleppo.

The visiting delegations underlined the importance of the liberation of Aleppo, saying it was an important step in the battle against terrorism.During their visit they learned about what actually happened there which is contrary to the incorrect, fabricated, and false news circulated by Western media.

The visits have made a wide sector of the  public opinion in Europe realize  that the Syrian people and army are really fighting terrorism, a realization recently reached after the terrorist attacks which hit some European countries.