Desperate Western attempts to support takfiri terrorists

From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the US and its allies in the West and the agents in the region have been trying to hinder the great victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army against takfiri terrorists through various means.  The US decision on lifting the ban on weapons exports to the terrorist organizations in Syria is one of these desperate attempts  to raise the morale of the terrorists in light of the humiliating defeats inflicted upon them by the Syrian Arab Army, especially after the liberation of Aleppo. It is a  new proof of the US’s role in supporting terrorists operating in Syria.

 The  decision to lift the embargo on exporting arms to the armed terrorist groups in Syria aims at prolonging the crisis in Syria so that the killing of people and destruction of the infrastructure continue unabated.

In fact, the US has never stopped its support to the terrorist organizations, including supplying them with weapons, since the beginning of the crisis in Syria. This support  has been provided either directly or via the US’s tools and agents in the region. The weapons caches which have been found in East Aleppo are only an example of that support.This decision is meant as a new dose to raise the morale of the terrorist groups that are facing daily defeats and successive losses at the hand of the brave Syrian Arab Army.

The US and its allies, whichlike to designate these terrorist organizations as “moderate”, politically and legally responsible for the crimes committed by those organizations.

Another way to offer support to terrorists has been through the US, Western and some regional states which call for urgent meetings of the UN bodies and issue baseless reports against Syrian Army and government.The fabricated reports used by the representatives of the US, France and Britain that the Syrian government hastargeted citizens in Aleppo city were a last desperate attempt to halt the landslide victories achieved by the Syrian Arab  army which led to uprooting terrorism from the city and defeating takfiri terrorists  and their supporters in the West and the region. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon was in a hurry to issue statements based on reports he could not verify just to the effect of defaming the Syrian government and its allies that are fighting terrorism.

Since the beginning of the terrorist war against Syria, Some Western and regional states resorted to call for urgent sessions based on misleading information and false reports and testimonies whenever the Syrian army and its allies achieve advance against the terrorist organizations.The misleading and unfair campaign, launched by some western regimes at the UN in general, and at UN Security Council, in particular, was not surprising.The regimes in France, UK and the US, as well as their tools in the region like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, which financed, trained and armed the terrorists can do nothing, but to hurry up and rush to offer their last services to those terrorists before their collapse in front of the strikes of the Syrian army, people and friends of Syria. One evidence on what it has been said was the unprecedented hysteria by some leaders of western countries, as well as the feverish media campaign against Syria in a desperate attempt to hinder Aleppo victory and overturn the facts and practice pressure to make Syria retreat from its declared stance in fighting terrorism of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.

Thearmed terrorist organizations were not hesitant to kill nearly 11000 women and children in western Aleppo through their rocket and mortar shells, as well, they carried out criminal attacks on the employees of UN and other international organizations.

The traffickers of wars, of the western states and their allies , members at the EU, should be punished as traders of wars, killing and destruction and they should be brought to justice for offering weapons to terrorist organizations to kill the Syrian people.

The repeated calls by some western states to hold unlimited meetings for Security Council and the UN General Assembly is another indication to the desire of these states to make the international organization  subject to  weak policies and a platform for misleading the peoples.

It is utmost hypocrisy that the envoys of some countries insist on accusing the Syrian government of besieging its people and blocking access to food and medicine while they continue to deny the fact that tens of depots which were controlled by the terrorist organizations in Aleppo have been full of all kinds of medical and food supplies from which the civilians were deprived.

Fighting terrorism is an integral part of finding a solution to the crisis in Syria,  the international community should give top priority to fighting ISIS and other terrorist organizations.