Sinister Turkish, Qatari, Zionist attempts foiled

The great victories realized by the Syrian Arab army against terrorists in Aleppo and other Syrian areas have pushed the supporters of takfiri terrorists to offer every possible support to terrorists in a desperate attempt to raise the morale of terrorists in the aftermath of their humiliating defeats at the hands of  the heroes of the Syrian Arab army.

Representatives of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and other groups affiliated to them, call for holding an urgent UNSC session in an attempt to offer political and moral support to these groups following the great achievements of the Syrian army and its allies.

The Qatari Foreign Minister said his Sheikhdom’s  would continue support to the terrorists and arming them in Syria even if the upcoming American administration stopped this support.

 The statements of Qatar in which it confirmed it will continue supplying terrorists with weapons are nothing but an attempt at raising the morale of the terrorist groups which are faltering due to the defeats they suffer at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army.

Once again, the Qatari sheikhdom is revealing their organic relationship with the armed terrorist groups in Syria through providing all sorts of military, financial, and political support to these groups, which proves that the Qatari regime is a reservoir of extremism, terrorism, and Takfiri mentality.

Qatar and other Gulf states do not own their decision and lack the slightest sort of independent political strategy and only know how to act like mere tools spending the money of their people for conspiring against Syria.

That's why these states have invited Britain’s Prime Minister to be their shield because they are afraid of what the US President-elect Donald Trump has threatened.

The Qatari support to terrorists complements the destructive role of Israel through supporting the terrorist organizations at the disengagement area in the occupied Syrian Golan and in the surroundings of Daraa city, mainly Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization.

The recurrent Israeli aggressions on the western countryside of Damascus  were a desperate attempt by Israel to raise the collapsed morals of Takfiri terrorist organizations upon which heavy losses were inflicted in many areas, particularly in the western countryside of Damascus.

Any attempt to protect or support terrorists in Syria under political pretexts should be vehemently condemned and rejected. The use of humanitarian pretext to achieve any political objectives is also rejected.

The statements made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan  showed the true goals of the Turkish aggression against Syria. 

Erdogan’s statements prove that he is a liar and reveal that Turkish aggression against Syria is a result of the dreams and delusions that drive this extremist tyrant who turned Turkey into a base for terrorists that undermine security and stability in Syria and Iraq and cause suffering to innocents, all under the support of the Turkish regime.

It’s ironic that a tyrant like Erdogan would talk about democracy when he has transformed Turkey into one big prison for everyone who opposes his policy. 

The international community should  put an end to Erdogan’s behavior and interference in the affairs of the region’s states, as they pose a threat to regional and international peace and contradict Security Council resolutions on counter-terrorism, since Erdogan’s regime provides all kinds of support to terrorist groups.

The continued trafficking in the Syrian blood by representatives of “al-Golani” and ISIS, through the humanitarian file, will not affect Syria, with the support of its allies. Some states’ calls to impose sanctions on Syria and Russia after the liberation of a number of civilians set another evidence on the exploitation of these Syrians by those who sponsor terrorism to protect terrorists and practice the cheap political blackmail.

The end of terrorism in Syria is near, and the international community must shoulder its responsibility to take disciplinary actions against the states which sponsor terrorism, as this sponsorship threatens international security and peace. The supporters of terrorism will pay the price for their disruptive policies sooner rather than later because terrorism is bound to backfire on its supporters.

The Syrian people and its brave army, who are making successive victories against the takfiri terrorist organizations and their regional and international backers, pay no heed to the crocodile tears shed by the hypocrite advocates of fake democracy and their agents in the Gulf. These tears are tears of defeat and frustration with Syria’s victory over the conspiratorial project targeting it.