UN bodies, politicized to serve colonialist agenda

It is regrettable that the UN and its various bodies have been used as a tool by the US and its allies to put pressure on the Syrian people and government. The UN organizations have been politicized to serve certain colonialist agendas.

The decision of the Executive Council of the International Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on Syria is regrettable because the report was put to the vote in a departure from the OPCW rules, which clearly reflects the divisions between the Council’s member states.

The OPCW departure from the technical nature of its work and the worsening state of politicization and polarization among its members will reflect negatively on the future work of the organization, and the consequences will affect the countries that have worked to use this organization as a tool to achieve political goals. The decision is biased reflecting the views of a group of countries only,  especially that it did not allow another important group of countries to express their point of view to make the text of the resolution balanced.

The repercussions of the politicized decision of the International Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on Syria is disappointing, and may cause complications.

The performance of the OPCW, which plays no more than a technical role, became politicized, because the decision adopted against Syria will not serve improving the work of the organization and may cause a number of complications.

The latest accusations against Syria which were included in the report of joint inquiry of the UN and Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), didn’t reflect any objectivity or accuracy in their conclusions.

All allegations circulated by some western departments and their tools about the use of chemical poisonous materials by Syrian sides are baseless.Those, who attempted to make the organization which issued this decision as a tool to achieve their geopolitical goals, are responsible for the repercussions of such decision.

The Organization and the international community have been turning blind eye and deaf ear to the crimes committed by armed terrorist groups using toxic gasses including chlorine gas in several areas in Aleppo city. The (OPCW) should immediately send experts to investigate these crimes.

It has become evident that the UN and the OPCW pay no attention when terrorist groups use chemical weapons against the Syrian people, and at the same time they cause a disturbance when it comes to baseless allegations accusing the Syrian government of such things.

The terrorist organizations like Jabhat al-Nusra and groups affiliated to them – groups which some states label as “moderate opposition” – committed crimes using toxic gasses including chlorine gas in several areas in Aleppo, with the Syrian government announcing on November 13th, 2016 that terrorists in eastern Aleppo fired mortar shells containing chlorine on al-Nairab area, causing scores of injures, including cases of suffocation among 30 military personnel, in addition to injuring innocent civilians, including women and children.

Theterrorists fired shells containing toxic gasses on residential neighborhoods in Aleppo more than once, including on October 31st when they targeted al-Hamadaniye neighborhood and al-Assad suburb with toxic gases, causing 48 cases of suffocation, while on November 3rd, terrorists targeted with toxic gases including chlorine the area of Manian west of Aleppo, causing 8 cases of suffocation.

The Russian authorities said that they have verified with incontrovertible proof via tests at the specialized and OPCW-recognized labs that the shells fired by armed groups contained toxic gases, including chlorine.

The toxic gases used by terrorists from ISIS, al-Nusra, and other terror organizations in Syria and Iraq and which may be used in other places in the world are provided to these terrorists by certain regimes and governments including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey.

The crimes committed by the terrorist organizations against innocent civilians in Aleppo, and taking citizens as human shields, attacking the western parts of Aleppo, Kafarya and Fou’a towns in Idleb and the crimes in Haddar town in Quneitra show the terrorist nature of these organizations, financed, armed and sheltered by regimes like the Wahhabis' regime in Saudi Arabia and those in Qatar and Turkey.

Jabhat al-Nusra and the terrorist organizations linked to it, particularly Nour-Eddin al-Zniki movement, supported by the Turkish regime, has launched during the past days, attacks with rocket shells and gas cylinders on the Campus of Aleppo University which shelters a lot of displaced people and students, claiming the lives of six people and injuring 20 others.

The so-called Jaish al-Islam terrorist organization, adopted by the Saudi regime, shelled the surrounding area of Harasta city in the eastern countryside of Damascus with mortars , leaving a person dead and three others injured, and causing huge material damage to the properties of the locals. The terrorist slaughtering machine that targets the Syrian children, women and elderly people will not stop until the foreign support to the terrorist organizations stops.

The main battle which would unify the efforts of honest people in the world is combating the terrorism of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and the terrorist groups linked to them because the danger of these organizations will not be limited to Syria, Iraq or other states in the region, but rather it will expand to reach the whole region and the world, and this what happened in Brussels, Paris and other parts of the world.