US Policy Unchanged

Many people wonder if the US policy will change towards any of the international issues after the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the US.

There is no doubt that it is very logical and important question because the US is one of the most important political players in the region and the world as a whole. On the other hand, the US has the largest economic and military powers, the thing which enables it to be a great power in the world.

Thus, the US used to harness these two powers to achieve political goals, besides, it seeks to dominate the international scene and control the economic centers especially energy, oil and gas transmission and sea lanes.

This means that there is a fixed strategic doctrine headlines committed by the US successive administrations whether they are democratic or republican.

Moreover, it seems clearly the US hostile stances of our region issues especially the Palestinian issue, as well as the US policy is very contradictory and characterized by hypocrisy about the war against Syria.

More specifically, the US hostile all those countries that refuse to be tools or followers to its interests and ambitions. The US and its European allies always seek to exercise global hegemony to be the main power which controls all other nations and peoples.

Then, Trump's recent statements about his desire to abandon his country's policy about the war on terrorism is a matter which causes cautious optimism, because this needs a real and serious practice in the international scene to see how serious he is and not asmere election promises.


Dr.Khalaf al-Miftah